Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dancing man is sick

They get their dance moves from their mother :)

This is pre-sickness....whatever that strange fever crying virus is. Dude, I seriously HATE cold/flu/random weird childhood illness season...and it's not even November yet. I think we'll just get all of our gunk over with and be done with it, alright? No one is ever going to want to hang with us or come into our house because we're always ill. The funny thing is, we don't go anywhere so we must be breeding this stuff in the house somewhere. Okay, I take that back..I'm blaming this strange illness on Lindale Mall's germ infested play area. Next time we will be sporting rubber gloves and masks....or even better...the body suits like in the movie Outbreak...excellent. Do you think they make those in child size? Long story short. Brody had a high fever last night and this morning....puked in his bed (from coughing) and is the world's crankiest baby. I didn't even notice the puke (thought I smelled something) until I went to lay him back in his bed and put my hand in it....mmmmmmm. So Brody man resided with us, groaning and moaning and tossing and turning ALL NIGHT LONG....along side of his daddeyo who snored right through all of this. I am giving my total sleep count maybe three hours tops. Got to love double shot espressos at fuel. We went to the Dr. (starting our punch cards early this year) and no strep, no ear infection, just a virus and teeth.....seriously, teeth!? My money was on the ears, looks like we'll be doping for the rest of the week. Hurrah for Tylenol and ibuprofen cocktails. It is sunny outside though, thank you Jesus! I'm off to shower....looking mighty scary in my hat. Maybe a bubble bath to wash away stress. Oh yea, remember the broken tub? Mike (Lonnie's dad) and Lonnie bought this epoxy boat/hot tub crack sealer for a whopping $3 and fixed the crack! Saving us a total of $800....another praise God. (Janice, you have to try this stuff!)



Kim said...

Josiah liked the hat. He talked about it the whole way home. Guess I need to start wearing more hats.

Janice said...

Funny, I was ready to email you about that stuff prior to even seeing my name! hee hee. Now, where did they get it and did it take long to dry? I've been longing for a soak in the tub, so have the girls. Plus the floor in there needs to be mopped so why not throw them and Elliott the splash monster in there and then all I need to do is squirt some soap on the floor and wipe.