Monday, October 13, 2008

Deep breath...and release

Look at this face.....
...and then look at this face :) Awwwww
I never get my picture taken because I'm always behind the camera so I had to put this one in.
Here are BOTH sets of grandparents and the only grandkids (so far) on both sides!
What cute mom rocks. Hello, remind me not to wear horizontal stripes again!!
Grandpa Mike with Brody and Grandma Lila on a walk to the water.
Brody wanted to jump in the lake, Lonnie was holding him back.
I'm not sure what they're looking at, but it's sure cute!

What a wonderful week of crazy fun times with Lonnie's parents. We were so blessed to have them come visit us. They spoiled us by buying us some groceries (truly a HUGE blessing!) fixing and painting things, doing the dishes, helping clean (I'm in shock now because I have a sink of dirty dishes :) and of course spending time with the boys. Both of the boys were soaking up all the grandparent attention and Lonnie and I were glad to get a little break once in a while. It's hard for us knowing we won't get to see them until Christmas, but we understand and make sure the boys know that both sets of grandparents love them very much. It's also a hard thing for any mother in law (no matter who you are or what kind of relationship you have) to know exactly what to do...and it's even harder for the daughter in law to make sure she feels welcome while still trying to maintain the daily schedule and routine. There is a happy medium that has yet to be mastered. There's always the how much is too much and then the give and take....both of which I have yet to completely figure out. I have tried my hardest and have failed in many areas, because of my controlling and sometimes anal but quirky personality, I come across as being angry or upset a lot. So many apologies to anyone I have made feel that way. I was probably in one of my "zones" know, the one where I'm trying to discipline a child and figure out what to have for the same time. We all have our faults and I'm trying my hardest to make everyone feel loved. We enjoyed every second of the time that was spent and are looking forward to the next time.

So I find it amusing when people ask the "what else does Lonnie do?" question to me. I reply with...well, what else does Kirk Ferentz do (Iowa head coach)? When I tell people Lonnie is a head coach and assistant coach, the automatically assume that he must work two hours a day..carry a stopwatch around his neck and have lots of days off. Well, he's just a coach. A busy coach. Gone almost every weekend with a meet and then track and field preview days on Sunday and recruiting trips and recruiting calls and the list goes on. I don't think people realize how hard Lonnie works. For the next three months, Lonnie is traveling every Sunday night into Monday and sometimes Tuesday to high schools all over the state. He is doing recruiting visits and then again on Thursdays during the day. When he comes home at night he has calls and updating his database on the computer and finishing mailings. What a man. They don't pay him nearly enough :) He also spends wonderful time with his boys, sometimes forgoing dinner to play outside in the remaining daylight and getting down on his hands and knees to wrestle when he's exhausted. You never quite know what kind of a father your husband is going to be when you marry them, but I lucked out big time. I would never had guessed what an amazing job Lonnie is doing being a dad and a husband. God knows how to pick them doesn't he?

Okay, enough gut spilling for one day. Glad to be back in the blogosphere again! More photos coming soon...enjoy this amazing weather!!

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