Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fall trees: The naked truth

Here are some fall leaf photos that I took. Interested in a few prints? Let me know...seriously. They'd make lovely Christmas gifts.

So sad. Naked trees are depressing....thoughts of cold, icy, snowy, stuck inside winter....makes me want to roll in the leaves one more time, save the beautiful colors in my memory banks and think warm thoughts. I do however love fall, it's my favorite season, but it's far too short. Another big bonus of this blustery weather we've been having (actually today is amazing!) it acted like one gigantic leaf blower (ours just conveniently broke by the way) and blew all the leaves into a nice pile on the side of the house....and in our neighbors yard, sorry about that Millie....I'll send Baylor right over with a rake.

A few friends and I have been brainstorming cheap and creative Christmas gift ideas. We've come up with a few good ones, but I'm still in need of some more! So that's where you come any ideas for grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters (all without kiddos) and neighbors. I'm all ears....or eyes, whatever. They can be homemade or they can be inexpensive, I'm down with anything. I want to start early and not have to worry about last minute scrambling.

Also, I'm creating another blog just for my art and fabric so you can look, admire, dislike or even buy if you want! I really need to sell some art in order to buy supplies to make new art. I love making personalized things so I do take special orders. I'll let you know when I get that up and running....I need to edit some photos. I'm also trying to save up for a nice SLR camera so I can start taking photos for people (graduation, babies, family) It's something I've always wanted to get into, but with a cheapo camera isn't quite possible....someday! :) I also want to get some stuff on etsy (like ebay but for handmade beauty) but I'll need some help with that Diane!! So lots of talk, we'll see if I can get my bootie in gear.


The Kac's said...

Your pictures make me miss the Fall since we don't really have one in TX. I'll look forward to your new fabric blog...yeah!
As for gifts...
I'm going to attempt to make this for my Texas "nieces" since I love toys that inspire imagination:

I also saw this today and thought it was cute to make:

Philip said...

Hummm... Looks to me that you posted quite a few Christmas presents here in this Blog!

I hear you on the camera front. We should get together so you can teach me everything I don't know. :-)

Also look forward to you art blog. I tried to set Kim up with a web front but I don't think she has embraced it yet. Maybe some day. Thanks for the images. I don't know that I have much that compares. :-)

Crazy Mom said...

I would totally buy your art. And I won't even pay you in Meatballs.

Do you have a ticket for me next weekend? We need to work out my stalking you/meeting you finally/ deets.


Nathan Ersig said...

So - are you a Canon or Nikon fan?

Brianna said...

Hello my favorite sister-in-law! I have an idea for me and Kort. Well, me. I didn't ask Kort if this is what he wants for Christmas, but I'm sure he won't mind :). One of the few things left on earth we didn't get for our wedding is a little sign that says "The Kosers" or something like that to hang outside. And since I know you are an artistical genius... But its just an idea :)Have a great day! P.S. the photos are grand.

Andrea G. said...

Love the photos... I would love to pay for Elizabeth's name on a canvas when you are up and running! And maybe you and Laura Broffitt can get something going as she keeps buying fabric to make hooter hiders.

Melissa Whisler said...

So, I occassionally visit your blog as a break from work, and thought I'd give my two cents on thoughtful cheap gifts. While I was broke in college, I got my sister a photo album for her freshman year of college, and I decorated it with puffy paints, bright pens/markers, etc. Well, needless to say it went over really well and I'm now committed for at least the next five years to continue making a photo album for each sister each year. Its cheap, super fun, super easy, and best of don't even have to fill it with pictures! We need to get together again sometime soon! Hope your Halloween is great!