Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Five things you hate to admit

So, I have been "tagged" by Kim. Tagged you ask? The post subject is FIVE THINGS YOU HATE TO ADMIT. Here goes.

1. I hate putting on real clothes in the morning. I would stay in sexy sweats and t shirts all day long if permitted. Not like it's against the law, but the act of getting showered and putting myself together seems to motivate me to do other wonderful tasks around the house.

2. I love fast food. No joke. McDonald's, Burger King and Wendy's are a few of my favorites. I know it's horribly unhealthy and I guess since I never eat there, it makes going out of greasy fries even more delectable. I can eat a whole whopper too....I'm proud of that one.

3. I am not as confident as I may seem. I have a huge inferiority complex and struggle with self esteem issues almost everyday....even if you think I'm in love with my rear.

4. No matter how hard I clean or how much I vacuum, there is still freakin dog hair ALL over my house...I hate it.

5. Lonnie makes better pancakes than me. (which coincidentally is what we're having for dinner tonight) Mine are always doughy in the middle (that is how I like them) and I flop them all over the place. Go Lonnie.

Okay, so I'm going to tag Jen, Laura, Jill and Andrea. Go ladies go!

Today is dreary. My boys are SUPER cranky. SUPER may be a slight under exaggeration....this weather must be rubbing off on them. I want to run and hide in a warm blanket. Brody has been crying all morning and I finally put him down at 12:30 only for him to awaken an hour later crying again. Baylor is crying in the other room because he is not tired....but really he's so exhausted that he doesn't know what hit him. It's only 1:30 and both boys are raging balls of crank. ( do I really have an entire afternoon of this?...dear Lord) I think the baby monitor is going to accidental get turned off.....or thrown into the garbage. I have a baby monitor addiction by the way, just ask Lonnie.
So we all have days like this yes?
We all have days where we could erupt at any moment at the slightest sign of annoyance. Erupt in anger and frustration. Anger is not warranted and is not right, but it happens. It happens to the best, happiest, most disgustingly perfect mothers. I won't be the first mom to admit that she's yelled and I won't be the first to admit that I've felt awful afterwards. Sometimes we just don't know how to deal with behaviors or situation and it comes out in the form of anger. Sometimes we don't know where the heck it comes from, but it's there haunting us. It's like we're not allowed to get angry.
YES, we do have days like this. We are not bad mothers, we are entitled to a little frustration here and there. We are not angry mothers and we LOVE our children so much it's coming out our eyeballs. BUT, there are days like today though.
So I guess this would make #6 on my list.

6. I get angry sometimes.

Now, speaking of love. I had the best time with the boys last night as we all laid in our bed together. Both boys had on their footie blanket sleepers and Lonnie read books while Brody tried to eat the pages. It ended up being one big wrestle mania...nothing like wrestle mania before bedtime to calm them down. I loved every second of it.


Crazy Mom said...

I am totally the yelling mom. The whole yelling thing gets worse as they get bigger and even more boneheaded, like when they throw bungees at each other, or jump out of trees, or could otherwise maim, hurt, or self-destruct on themselves and each other.

Then, even though I feel bad for yelling, I always think, well, maybe I saved if not their lives, than at least their eyeballs???

Andrea G. said...

I LOVE the top of your blog! You are so good at it! I have NO idea how to make my header so fun! Also, I am almost done with my first tag :)

Janice said...

Even though we hate to admit it, we all yell at some point, & not always at a sporting event:) If it makes you feel any better, I had 5 crabbies here today, well make that 6 b/c it started to rub off on me! I was glad to see the sunshine for the few mins it peeked out. Now off to pay bills, lets see how crabby I get after THAT!

the Broffitts said...

So I'm wondering which Laura you tagged since it's a shared link with Jill. I'm not doing homework unless I have to :)