Friday, October 3, 2008

The Friday 15. Facts of randomness

I've had a enough stinkin politic talk this week, my blood pressure has risen significantly due to stupidity. It's time for some fun. Back by popular's the Friday 15, facts of randomness.

1. I wore the same pair of jeans (during the day) all five days this week. They are my very favoritest jeans in the whole wide world.....filled with holes, covered in paint and fit perfectly. I saved on a whole heck of a lot of laundry too. Now if I could just get the rest of my family to do the same....

2. I think feet are ugly. No matter whom they belong to. Pure ugliness...created perfectly by God of course, but still ugly none the less.

3. I'm trying to grow my hair out and it's driving me bonkers. I had a mullet, but got that trimmed....I can only get it in pig tails and then look like a 14 year old Hannah Montana fan. Eww.

4. I secretly want a tattoo on my big toe. Not sure what it would be, but I want one....and I want a motorcycle with black chaps to match. Quit laughing, I'm not kidding.

5. I bite my nails. I know, disgusting....better than biting my toenails though.

6. I'm still on the fence about having another kiddo. Love having two boys and I know a girl would turn out like me...and then we'd really be in for it.

7. I love music with a passion. All kinds. My play lists are straight out of bi-polar eclectic and random. For example let me give you the first five songs: 1. Mahler symphony, Red Red Wine UB40, Table for Two Caedmon's Call, Another Try Trisha Yearwood and Mercy by Duffy. Hello randomness. I have to admit that I really can't stand the teeny bopper songs anymore (sorry Miley) and naughty lyrics or pure angry songs...although this week I've been tempted to put in some Metallica.

8. If you couldn't tell already, I like telling it like it is. I dislike it tremendously when people make everything sound puffy and fluffy. If done with taste, honesty is the best policy....with wit and humor following close behind.

9. This week Lonnie is on a "crash diet" and making his own dinners that consist of fruit and meat and no carbs. I get to eat those Lean Cuisine meals and then fix the kid's something healthy that they'll eat. As bad as it sounds, I love Lean Cuisine and I am so less stressed about what the heck to make for dinner and how much of it my boys won't eat. That's bad isn't it?

10. I love living so close to my parents (approx. 17.4 miles) I am a total mama's girls (just ask Lonnie) My mom is my best friend and we get along so well...I even call her three times a day sometimes just because. I'm sad Lonnie's parents don't get to see the boys more often. However, they're coming for a visit next week....Baylor is already asking when they'll be here...every FIVE MINUTES!

11. I hate drains. Ewww

12. On my wedding day at our reception dinner, I got served one gigantic plate of mashed potatoes and gravy...because it's my favorite. It was excellent...(thanks Berk)

13. I wish I would have stayed closer friends with my high school buddies. They are pretty amazing and have really grown and matured into wonderful mom's and wives!

14. I think you can tell a lot about a person by their eyes...and their shoes of course.

15. I'm really glad it's Friday because I have a date with my wonderful husband whom I don't see nearly enough.


Kim said...

Even baby feet? They don't seem so bad until they start getting used. Then they get gross to me.
By the way, I left the DVD stuff on the porch this morning. Thank You!
PS I'm totally jealous about the date. We are one a dating diet...not by choice, just seems to be working that way.

the Broffitts said...

I'm surprised you want a tattoo on your toe if you think feet are ugly. I would think you wouldn't want people to look at your feet. Or is the goal to to make them look better. By the way, I like feet. Not sure why...but I do.

Sheryl T said...

the tattoo on the toe is cool. My sister in law has a Jesus fish on her middle toe and it's really cool. If I get a tattoo, it would be something simple like that and in a place that won't get saggy as I age.