Monday, October 6, 2008

I can see the headlines now....

Baylor Speidel, arrested for public urination for the third time. I'm sure it's a boy thing (obviously since it's a whole heck of a lot easier to do the deed with their plumbing) but it's getting a little out of hand here. So let me set the scene for you.....yesterday we were at our church fall potluck and it's held at Palisades Park (yes, the same one we were at Saturday) and there were handfuls of chillin bouncing, running, playing and throwing rocks (oh wait, that was just Baylor throwing rocks...) We've all eaten and are trying to carry on adult conversation which doesn't work when you have to chase two very quick boys. Out of the corner of my eye I see three picnic tables of adults giggling and pointing and I don't even need to turn around because I know. I just know. It's a mom thing.

You guessed it.

Baylor is half naked, rear towards the crowd......watering the forest.

Umm, yea...he's mine :) and well, he had to pee I guess. Better than in his pants right?

It wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't so close to everyone. Actually it wasn't bad at all, it was pretty funny. I'm sure he wasn't the only little boy to water the forest that night either. We'll still be having the public urination talk later. Hey, at least he didn't turn around and wave at everyone like he does when he waters our backyard. We like to keep the neighbors talking.

Today is super deep clean scrub the house down day. Lonnie's parents are headed here tomorrow for about week with us. We're so excited as we don't get to see them very often. I keep a clean house but realized that it hadn't had a real good scrub down and I could see tiny peanut butter hand prints on some walls. I know they don't care if the house is clean but I certainly do. I am a good mom. I have a clean house.....sometimes :) I've made it into two rooms and took a break to play trains, play in the rocks and run to the library, all of which are much more exciting than scrubbing the floors. I'm counting this deep cleaning as part of my cardio workout today....better get going, my heart rate is not at it's optimal fat burning rate.

Does anyone know if you can make window cleaner out of cider vinegar? I ran out of white vinegar and Windex and haven't made it upstairs yet.


Kim said...

Hopefully Josiah didn't see this...he gets interested in potty training again when he's around his 'potty' friends. I suspect this behavior will cease soon when we start hitting freezing temps...either that our you'll have to explain to the doc how he got frost bite THERE.

Janice said...

I can verify he WAS NOT the only boy who did that there. We watched another one who started, stopped and looked to see if he was too close to people, then moved to a different tree a little farther away, BUT still in the clearing. He however did not show cheek. It was cute and funny, looked like he was marking his territory. Couldnt stop laughing thinking, hey this is MY TURF! I agree with Kim, the freezing weather may stop that, either that or maybe he can learn to draw pics in the snow :)