Monday, October 20, 2008

No wonder I'm always sick....

Hey, it's me...Brody. My mom is too busy cleaning today (thanks for me and big brother Baylor aka the mini tornadoes) so she asked me to write a little diddy. I wanted to talk about how cute I am, but thought that maybe you'd get bored hearing about my absurd cuteness. Instead, I decided to enlighten you with reasons why I am always sick. (knock on wood...I'm healthy today!) So here I go:

1. Two days ago my mom found me in the bathroom. I had taken all of the toilet paper off of the roll and stuffed into the toilet. I then decided it was so much fun to splash and take the wet toilet paper out of the toilet and EAT IT!!!!! Mmmmm good. Who doesn't love a good case of ecoli? Needless to say, she was not amused.

2. I have this fascination with putting things in my, let me give you some examples. Ummmm the bottom of Baylor's shoe (tasted just groovy to me) the dog's water dish, dog food, a plastic cup that I fished out of the garbage can, the garbage can itself, partially chewed gum, rocks, sticks and a snot rag that someone dropped on the floor. Oh yes, how could I forget licking the playground equipment...nothing like the feel of cold plastic on your tongue.

3. I am deeply entertained by splashing water. Any water won't do, it has to be toilet water....and after I splash in it...I must quickly lick my fingers before anyone can stop me. Man, I'm fast.

4. Dog poop. Hey, it was squishy and felt pretty cool. I haven't mastered the art of poo flinging, but my big brother told me he'll teach me real soon. I can't wait.

5. I like to lick all of the toys in the Church nursery. They're not fun to play with but boy are they fun to lick. Hello hand, foot and mouth disease!

Well, that's all I can think of right now. I'm off to find new and exciting germs to investigate and infect my body with. I love going to the Dr. office and plan on making it a monthly adventure. Maybe a frequent visit punch card would be in order? Now about this cute thing....


Andrea G. said...

Brody, tell your mom she is so creative and c'mon no more wet toliet paper buddy :)

Janice said...

Aside from the poo stuff, tell your mom that you are a normal kid just trying to boost your immune system for when you have kids. Remind her that she must have eaten plenty of dirt to help ward off all of your illnesses. On second thought, poo and playdough might feel similar.
PS I just discovered our toilet too, that is COOL!!!!

Kim said...

I hate to even write this because it probably means it will start happening, but Josiah hasn't 'discovered' the potty yet. If Grace ends up being a potty player I'm going to have a lot to learn.

Kim said...

OH MY GOSH! Ok, that wasn't even 10 minutes ago and he just went and stuck a toy in his potty. How did you do that?!