Wednesday, October 1, 2008

skop scotch (Baylor style)

Don't you wish you could do this everyday?

Baylor demonstrates his amazing "skop scotch" skills while Grandma K films him. We're still working on the hopping on the one foot thing, but he's close.

Last night I got to go grocery shopping ALONE at Wally world. Some of you may think this is a ho hum activity, but to a stay at home mom with no car, it is like a mini vacation. All was going well until I got to the checkout and he told me how much I spent. I just about needed the defibrillator out to get my heart back on track....ugh. I swear the last time I got groceries it was about $70 dollars cheaper. Yes I realize the economy is in a bit of a pinch right now and we're not going to point fingers at anyone, lets just fix it shall we? We try to buy groceries every two weeks which poses quite a problem when trying to eat healthy, buying fresh produce and running out of milk and bread. That is when we have to go visit the local rip you off mart. This time, we were out of just about everything you could imagine (which explains the large bill) like detergent, dish soap, shampoo, toilet paper, paper plates, and of course food. The meal planning is working, but it always gets tight at the end of the month. We are very thankful for food on the table and a roof over our heads. God has always provided for us and we can't complain (even though sometimes a complaint or two squeaks out:) I am just thankful for more than condiments in the fridge again :)

I also find it pretty hilarious on the morning t.v news show this morning they have been doing segments on saving money because of the tight economy. One was about cutting things you don't NEED...hello! For example....just get one cell phone....get rid of cable (dear God no!) car pool, swap babysitting etc. Today was on making things you buy often like baby wipes ( I did try this, mine got moldy) cat litter and cleaners. The reason I find it so funny is that so many of us have been doing these things for so long and it's just "catching on" My biggest pet peeve is when people are not smart with their money. When they complain about not having any money but still go out to eat, get their hair done every few months, have four cell phones, digital t.v and use the most expensive diapers. Don't even get me started on credit cards and bankruptcy. Yes, it might make you more uncomfortable for a while and yes, you might not get to do the things you want to do. Sure, I would love to buy NEW clothes, but right now in our life it's not part of the plan and I can accept that. It pays in the end and you have gained so much more for being smart with your money. I will now step down from my soap box for the day.


Janice said...

AMEN!!!! I had mold issues too, boiling the water and using not a super airtight, but tight enough to avoid drying out, type container worked better for me. I completely get the trip to the store alone being like a vacation, does the mind some good(as well as everyone else in the house). Man, I dislike those weeks when everything has run out at the same time.

The Kac's said...

I do meal planning too. One site I enjoy for meal planning is Kraft Foods. Their 1 bag, 5 meals section is great. It's also good for the end of the month since they include lots of pantry items.

Crazy Mom said...

Biggest way to save money??? SELL THE SECOND HOUSE AND DUMP THE 2ND MORTGAGE!!!

I feel like a millionaire and it's only been a week.


Now, to find more money saving tips while watching the View....

Andrea G. said...

I really wish my calves were in that great of shape for all that jumping... I don't want to think what I would look like jumping... especially with my nursing you-know-whats.