Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sleepy sleepy little boy

Sleepy sleep little boy (sung to the tune of twinkle twinkle little star)

Sleepy sleepy little boy,
My curtain rods are not a toy.
Quit your whining, go to sleep,
I'll come up there if I hear one peep.
Don't you throw my pillows down,
All your antics make me frown.

Don't you fight it, close those eyes,
I don't want to hear any cries.
Sleep for hours, sleep a while,
Wake up happy, with a smile.
Stop that singing, flinging poo
Washing pillows, not what I do.

Mommy needs some mommy time,
To drink her coffee or maybe wine?
Whiney boys are not much fun,
Make me want to hide and run.
So if you don't want to hear some screamin,
Close those eyes and start your dreamin.

Can you tell Baylor (the crankiest boy in the world today) will not sleep. I can hear him playing with my curtain rods and flinging toys across the room. So Baylor, I dedicate this song to you :)

Oh darn, how did that get there? Bummer, you'll just have to click and read for yourself.



Kim said...

Very cute...maybe this needs to go in the baby book.

Janice said...

That is excellent! I agree, that is one for the baby book!