Sunday, October 19, 2008

Snoring mosters and sleep walkers

Just when you think your kids are FINALLY getting the hang of sleeping through the night something happens. Illness or some other strange thing like monsters in the closet, under the bed and of course there is always SLEEP WALKING!! Last night, Baylor was so exhausted from the day spent with Grandma Kris (who spent the whole day with the boys while I had my brass band clinic, yes I know...dork-o-rama) He missed his nap...okay, he didn't miss it, he just refused to sleep. Went to bed kicking, screaming and wailing and finally fell asleep.....until I heard a huge thump against the east wall and then crying. I thought it came from outside and was disoriented while being startled out of a deep sleep (the snoring monster was not in the room at this point) so my first reaction was to look out the window. Someone had stolen our yard sign earlier that night and I was on the hunt for intruders (we found the sign by the way...long story) Anyways, I ran into his room where I found him all the way across the room by Brody's crib and against the wall. He had a cut on his chin and was so disoriented. Either he fell out of bed and was trying to get back in and couldn't see, or he was sleep walking and ended up banging his chin into the rocking chair. Either way, it was a rough night....including a snoring monster (aka Lonnie) in my bed. I'm hoping it was because he was so tired and it is a once in a blue moon occurrence and I've concluded that I will not sleep well until both boys are married....and then I'll probably just worry about them even more!

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Jill Kapfer said...

Abbie was sleep walking the other night too. She went downstairs and pulled the chair into the middle of the kitchen. So strange...later she said she was thirsty, but she was sleeping the whole time.