Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Someone has been sleeping in my bed....

This just makes you want to laugh doesn't it?
Oh yes, I am the cute one
Our first day of raking the leaves....even if it was 78 degrees out!
Where's Baylor?
....and they're STILL THERE! That is what happens when you let daddeyo put kiddos to bed...they end up taking over your bed. So I spent last night with my feet sticking out of a John Deere tractor blanket and Winnie the Pooh as a bed mate, conditions were less from ideal. Lonnie and Baylor both fell asleep in our bed and I decided that I'd better not disturb...actually, I tried but to no avail. I'm definitely not down with the whole "family bed" thing....dude, I want my bed back. Tonight will be a different story...everyone in their own beds!

So I've started a bible study on Monday nights with a few other women just down the street. It's on 1 Peter and I'm really looking forward to it. It starts at 7:30 so Brody is in bed already and Baylor is easy to get to bed...except when he steals mine! I've really been lacking some deep bible study lately and most of that is my fault. I tried to make up excuses for not going to this study, but ended up being lead back to it and I'm so thankful. The women are all ages with all different personalities and that makes it even better. I left feeling so filled last night and we didn't even start the first lesson. It's amazing what a few godly women can do together....that is besides laugh about the silliest things and talk about their children :) I know God will do great things.

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MamaMiller said...

Great to see you last night, I feel like I just see you in passing lately! Super cute leaf pics :)