Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thoughtful Thursday

Someone sent me these questions as a forward, but I feel the need to share on the blog, why not? It's Thoughtful Thursday don't you know! So lets be thoughtful shall we?

Four places that I go to over and over: Church, my mailbox, coffee shop and Goodwill

Four people who e-mail me (regularly): Lonnie, Alan (fellow band nerd) the lovely people at facebook and (I swear, you buy one thing and they stalk you forever and ever)

Four places I love to eat: My bed...wait, oh a restaurant, got it....Jimmy Johns, Olive Garden, Chick Fillet (mmm waffle fries!) My mom and dad's house but only when they serve steak...just kidding, I love anything mom :)

Four places I would rather be right now: in the shower (I definitely don't smell like roses after mowing) at the movies with Lonnie, the library ALONE, did I mention the shower?

Four people I think may respond: Well, since I broke the rules and posted it on the blog maybe Andrea, Jill, Hoefer or Diane...I have no idea.

Four TV shows I watch: Dude, I'm lucky if I get four channels! Sid the Science Kid (it's on when lunch preparation is very necessary!) Jeopardy (Alex Trebec intrigues me) Grey's Anatomy when I'm home on a Thursday and Fox news, never would have guessed that eh?

So now, I'm going to add my own for a nice little twist...and to prolong my showering, because who doesn't love sitting in the living room in their underwear?!

Four people you'd like to hide in a small room with rubber walls: Richard Simmons (he scares the poo out of me) George Stephenopolous or Snuffleuppagous as we call him in these parts, Nancy Pelosi and whoever has been messing with my yard signs.

Four things you are thankful for in the kitchen: Paper towels, paper plates (sorry tree huggers) silicone spoonula (brilliant I tell you) and of course the wine opener.

Four costumes you went as for Halloween: A horse (only about 15 times) A garbage can, an injured army medic and last night I was a basket of dirty laundry.

Four things that have almost maimed your child: licking outlet, running with scissors, standing on slippery wagon and his brother Baylor.

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