Wednesday, November 5, 2008

And for his final death defying act.....

What? I'm really thirsty and apparently you don't care.....I'm just going to give you my pouty lip face and see if you'll help me.

I can do it...I can do it....grunt grunt grunt (pay no attention to the horrible 80's shell sinks...they came with the house and are by no means a reflection of the homeowners personal style)

...if I can just wedge my foot in here somehow...erh grrrr which one is the cold water....
...nope, that's hot......ooops.....
Who cares about's my toothbrush!! SCORE!!!
...ahhhh finally. All of that work for a simple drink of water.
(he did this ALL BY HIMSELF...I just stood back and grabbed the camera....apparently I'm raising a monkey)


Crazy Mom said...

That kid is motivated.

The Potocniks said...

I just found you by "accident." I was google-image searching for a Curious George face for a cake I'm doing today, and came upon your blog. I'm hopeless in terms of my blog addiction at this point, but I suppose it could be worse.

Wanted you to know how much I enjoyed reading about your boys and always love to read of another mama who loves the Lord. I think you're in Iowa, I grew up in Nebraska---now live in KC, MO. Thanks for sharing your family---your blog is beautiful and your writing is fantastic. Have a GREAT Thursday!