Saturday, November 22, 2008

Death of a Cookie Jar

It's a sad day in my kitchen. My bestest most favoritist cookie jar has bit the dust. Actually, it wasn't a cookie jar at all, it was an antique Planter's Peanut jar, and it rocked. It was quite perfect for cookies and nice on the eyes. It beckoned for little (and big) hands to reach in a grab a cookie or two. It was stylish and a tad on the retro side. It belonged to my grandpa and was used for selling peanuts at Koser's (our old grocery store) I am in mourning for this poor cookie jar. How did it die, you ask? Well smarty pants (That would be me) thought she should wash it out because there was chocolate chips stuck to the bottom. A grand idea if your cookie jar didn't have a tiny crack in the bottom and a grand idea if you don't use scalding hot water. Duh. The somewhat minuscule crack in the bottom turned into an enormous one and then the bottom just fell out....cracked...sliced my finger....and died. So sad. So if you know of anyone who has an antique Planter's Peanut jar laying around and wants to get rid of it..I will take it off their hands. And that is all I have to say about that. Lets have a moment of silence shall we?


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