Friday, November 21, 2008

FAVORITE and stats updates

It's that time again.....favorites and stats updates.

Age: 3.2
Weight: 31lbs and holding
Shoe size: 8
Clothing size: almost a 4T (he'll grow)
Favorite foods: Mac and Cheese, cheese and mac, yogurt covered raisins, apples, smoothies and chocolate (That's my boy!)
Favorite toys: Cars (the Disney movie) the diecast metal ones, Thomas (takealong) swords and shields, rubber snakes...not cool.
Favorite books: Are You My Mother? (why yes I am) The Big Book of Trains, You Are Special by Max Lucado
Favorite things to entertain himself with: Hitting Brody with any object that can made into a like everything. Playing with inanimate objects such as salt shakers, chap stick and paint bottles. Singing and dancing (and this kid can shake his hips!) reading, did I mention hitting his brother?

Age: 16 months
Weight: 23lbs
Shoe size: 5
Clothing Size: 18-24 months
Favorite Foods: just about anything...he's a human garbage disposal.
Favorite toys: anything Baylor has in his hands, tractors, trains, things that make noise
Favorite books: He won't sit still for any book....but we managed to make it through the Cars and Truck and Things that Go by Richard Scarry and Goodnight Moon.
Favorite activities: taking anything Baylor has in his hands, throwing mini tantrums that involve hitting head on floor and dramatically throwing himself on the ground, not napping, wiping his snotty nose on my legs, climbing on anything and everything including the toilet, kitchen table and inside the bathtub...with water...fully clothed, running in the opposite direction of mom, sticking things in his mouth.

These stats and updates are brought to you today by the letter F as in FRIDAY and the number 15 as in how many minutes Brody napped today.

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The Kac's said...

Oh man, Parker's stats match Brody's almost to a T...25 pounds, size 5 shoes, eats anything etc.. I have a gigantic baby.