Monday, November 3, 2008

Flu shots, chapstick and candy oh my

The ride to Grandma's, all this trick or treating wears a kid out.

Our little tiger and dog...Brody is trying sooo hard to pull of the hood.

Here is the finished product. Much better than before!!! (sorry Lonnie, I know you think I'm trying to get rid of all your "bachelor" furniture :)

I went as a basket of dirty fitting, seeing as that is what I stare at most days and it consumes my life....where does it all come from? I only have two kids?!!! (why yes, those are underwear on my head...clean as a whistle....and some kid asked me if they were my little brother's underwear...hmmm, not sure how to take that one)

So here are the trick or treating photos I promised...a little overdue, we were a little preoccupied with the adventures in the ER. Brody is better today, still snotty and coughing but better with breathing. Poor kid had his 15 month shots today and a flu shot....he has been put through the ringer this weekend. I drugged him up and sent him to bed and hopefully he'll sleep for a long long time. We all got our shots today (except Lonnie who is out of town....again) and I had to bribe Baylor with the prospect of a toy so he wouldn't injure us all while we were holding him down for shots. He screamed, kicked, yelled, cried, flailed, you name it...poor kid. We all survived and Baylor picked out the $1 army men at the store...nice choice son. Here are Brody's stats: 15 months. 23 lbs. Head...umm, it's just great and he's 30 inches tall (think point guard or short sprinter or even a wrestler) Everything else looked great aside from his nasty cold. A tiny bit below the 50th percentile in everything, but what does that really matter because he's healthy.
So I just wanted to brag on Baylor a little bit. I was so impressed with his politeness with trick or treating. He would walk up to the gigantic bowls of candy and pick out one tiny piece and say, "thank you" and then walk away. The shock could be seen by the looks on their faces as they were used to handfuls being hoarded. I was very proud....then I sent him back to get more chocolate for his mom :) His favorites are the tiny tootsie rolls. He's really growing up and making leaps and bounds with his learning. We register him for preschool in December!!! I can't believe it. The kid was playing with two chapsticks today for about an hour in the kitchen.....I'm not sure how he'll do with structure :)
It's absolutely gorgeous out so we are going outside to enjoy this amazing weather!! Don't forget to VOTE tomorrow...but only if you can name the last three presidents, know how many states we have and can name the speaker of the house (as crazy as she is) I'm not a fan of stupidly voting...but that's another issue.


Janice said...

Good to hear the little man is feeling better!
Love how the table turned out. If it bothers Lonnie just remind him that sometimes things need a facelift. Plus it looks good with the flooring in the "garage" :) Let me know if I can help ya out with anything and I am bring YOU supper this time!

Kim said...

Preschool?! Oh my gosh, that seems impossible. What happened to our babies? Oh, wait...there's one right here.