Friday, November 21, 2008

Just like Grandma!!!

So most of you know that I have a craving for all things fast....runs in my blood and it's the way this mama operates. I speed clean, I am a born sprinter, I like fast music, I can't sit down for more than five minutes at a time without getting up to do something else, I don't follow directions because reading them or listening to them takes far too long...and I speed like it's nobody's buisness! I know, I know...bad habit. I don't even realize I do it...that is until Lonnie so lovingly points out the fact that I'm going way to fast, but that's what husbands do right? So last weekend my mom took Baylor for a day to hand out and do Grandma things (you know, bake cookies, spoil the grandkid) On her way back to our house she was pulled over by a cop and she was only going about 6 miles over the speed limit (this is very slow in my book) The cop gave her a ticket anyway. Baylor was more than thrilled to see a man in uniform with flashy lights talking to grandma, ( I get that way too, but it's the whole man in uniform thing....never mind) I'm sure he won't feel the same when he gets pulled over. Sooooooo fast forward to Wednesday night after Awana, Baylor and I are jammin to Yakity Yak in the car and I come cruising around this corner of Lisbon Road....let me explain this road to those of you who don't know. It's a side road that connects Mt.Vernon to Lisbon and the speed limit is a crawling 25mph...which, if you travel in this exact speed, is like granny grunt on a Sunday afternoon drive....soooooo slooooooow. I was obviously not following the speed limit and see flashing lights behind me....."Yakity Yak...oh crap" I quickly get out my licence, registration and insurance and smile politely to bald Lisbon cop in uniform. He asks me if I know why he pulled me over and my first reaction was, "oh it has to be because you heard my beautiful voice echoing through the streets and wanted to know where it was coming from....." but my answer was, "um, I'm pretty sure I was sorry!" So Baylor yells from the backseat, "MOOOOM! What's wrong?" and I explain that I was disobeying by speeding and I got in trouble by the policeman and he yells, "Oh, Just like Grandma!!!" Ha ha ha. I, however lucked out big time (going 37 in a 25) and he only gave me a warning!!! So thank you mister bald Lisbon cop in nice uniform, I owe you one. I had to write a post it note in the car reminding me NOT TO SPEED!!!! I also had to call and gloat to my mom about it, she was less than amused after paying a $64 ticket for going six miles over.
So our Brass Band concert is coming up in December (the 20th to be exact) and I think you all should go. If you want tickets, let me know or I can smuggle you in. We'd rather fill the auditorium! Here is the poster I made for it.
TGIF...(again, not that it matters when you lose track of days anyways) Lonnie will actually be home tomorrow. I plan on putting him to work ( he doesn't know this yet) but very manly grunt work of course.
BAYLORISM of the week:
Lonnie: Oh, it's okay's not a big deal.....
Baylor: Well Dad, is it a little deal then?

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