Friday, November 14, 2008

Lords of the Dance

Today I will enlighten you with what our afternoon consisted of yesterday. Man, I love to dance....and apparently so do my kids....doesn't matter where either. We tend to break out in dance at the sound of any beat, cell phone rings or toaster oven ticking. You're right...that is my kitchen table Brody has christened with his naked toes...I turn around for one second and BAM! the kid is on the table doing his Michael Flatley impersonation. Now he is the dancing destroyer.

If this is the way Baylor is going to dance at Prom, I needn't worry about the ladies....they'll be standing across the room in horror. Makes me think of the scene in Nothing To Lose where Tim Robbins has flaming poo on his feet and is trying to flaming poo here...just flinging poo. Which by the way, Baylor reminded me that his nickname is the poo flinger yesterday at dinner. I teach my children such valuable nuggets don't I?

And for your final viewing pleasure, we have Brody man, Lord of the dance, master destroyer...trying to wink and looking a little like the Genie on Bewitched. We're working on it....between the winking and the dancing, I'm pretty sure smooth isn't his middle name....yet.


the Broffitts said...

Sylvia loves to dance too so we'll have to schedule that into our time together.

Janice said...

Man, those are great! Baylor has some moves!

Kim said...

I don't know, I think Baylor's dance fits perfectly with the music. And Brody's eye spasms reminded me of a new word I just learned...nictitating. It means to wink your eye, but I think it sounds cooler this way.

Crazy Mom said...

Heyyyyy...I know that music. Where have I heard it before????