Saturday, November 15, 2008

Melman Meltdown

Meet Melman. Melman is a crazy hypochondriac giraffe from the movie which we have watched 13 times in the last week thanks to the Lisbon Library. He kind of grows on you...especially in this pose don't you think? Okay,point...McDonald's is putting these wonderfully plastic Chinese manufactured Madagascar toys in their Happy Meals and we made the trek to get one on Friday and came home with not one, but TWO Melmans. Oohhhh baby. Now let me tell you a little about how attached Baylor gets with certain toys or even inanimate objects such as rocks, sticks or gourds (Yes, gourds) He carries them everywhere, he eats with them...clutching on to them with a death grip like there's no tomorrow....he pees with them (which is really quite amusing, I'll spare the details) he sleeps with them snuggled up to his face and he even thanks God for them when we pray at night (Dear God, thank you for my gourds...I pray that too Baylor, except I ask for bigger ones ) So he has been particularly attached to these stinkin giraffes...toting them around like an extra appendage, sleeping with them, eating with them and making darn sure his little brother doesn't come close to them. Until.....the unthinkable happened. We (okay, me) left them at Grandma's house and didn't realize until I was far far away....can we say MELTDOWN!!!! 20 minutes and buckets of large crocodile tears later, he sniffled and shuffled his little feet into the house with the hopes that his Melmens would return. So, I will save the day (and at the appropriate time of course) go retrieve those stinkin giraffes. Man, the sacrifices we make for the ones we love.

Baylor and I had a date this morning with my friend Melissa from high school. We ran together and were always handing off to each other in relays. She is just as gorgeous as she was in high school (totally jealous!) We took him to the mall and walked (or more like drug) him into a few stores and then were treated to lunch (thanks Melissa!) I like spending one on one time with him when I can focus on him instead of what Brody man will destroy next. I'm looking forward to the day when I can take Brody out in public again :)


Crazy Mom said...

Glad Baylor likes Melman. He's part of the package I sent!
Return your copy to the Library sweetie, ya don't need it anymore!

PS: I wanna hear all about everyone's He-man love.

Kim said...

Ok, guess I should apologize...we're the ones who donated that movie to the library. Didn't realize it would create such chaos in our little town!