Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday's Musings

Blatant defiance and air born crazies. Check out the sign......

And here we have our personal sand box during the winter...aka the long jump pit at Cornell. Brody ingested about 1/3 of the sand...just because.

ONE M&M did this! ONE!!!! Can you guess what color it was?

So we escaped this morning with my very pregnant friend Amy and her two little girls. Our goal was to "walk" the baby right out of her while our kids played in the sand of the long jump pit and jumped on the pole vault mats. She walked about a mile, so we'll see if that helped at all. We will be frequenting the track and all of it's many amenities very often this winter. Three cheers for warm indoor spaces where children can run free.

We head to Lake City, Minnesota (Minnetoto as Baylor calls it) on Wednesday to visit Kim and Dirk (Lonnie's sister and brother in law) for Thanksgiving. Baylor is super excited and has already made plans to play with them and show them all of this toys. It's a four hour drive...which compared to our Montana trip, is a piece of cheesecake. They haven't met Brody and we plan on introducing him the proper having him destroy just about everything in their house :) Kim and Brody the destroyer.

So I'm in the middle of two great books and three great magazines. Lonnie and I bought the Love Dare book this weekend and started it. It's used in the movie Fireproof...which we haven't seen but come highly recommended by all who have. Jeepers, I haven't seen a movie in over two years! Sadness. Anyways, it has a mini lesson and then a "love dare" at the end of the chapter. Today's is to not say anything negative to your spouse at all and if you feel the urge...simply shut your mouth. I have the duct tape handy because I know it will be hard for me. The second books is still the "Don't make me count to three" by Ginger Plowman. It is amazing and I am soaking every chapter in...taking notes and going back to remember what I've read. Now putting all of these nuggets of knowledge into practice will be my next challenge!


Janice said...

Chris pre ordered Fireproof for my birthday and bought the Love Dare book for us as well. SOme may feel that a cheesy gift, I dont, what better gift from a husband than his desire to make it better? Now if we can get the teenage chaos under control so that we can start the book...Hope you have safe travels up north!

Andrea G. said...

What a fun new header! And I love the book by Ginger Plowman. I got it 2 months ago and read it, but you reminded me I need to go back and reread it and take notes to keep remembering the stuff! The track looks great!