Thursday, November 13, 2008

My to-do list

I feel like my life is a series of to-do lists. Do this, clean that, don't forget that, call this person, schedule this appointment. Yes, all very necessary for living and surviving but not for my stress level. As soon as I cross off something from my to-do list, I add three more. I have a sheet of paper by the computer that I keep adding and subtracting from...ugh. Things seem even more hectic with holiday's approaching...tis the season for crazy hectic lives. I'm a big excel spreadsheet fan my whole Christmas list planned and plotted as well as groceries and meals for the next two week. I think I am going to make a list of things I WANT to do...not necessarily what I NEED to do. It would go something like this.....

1. Sleep in
2. Take a long hot shower (in the morning!), shave legs and get ready without interruptions from midgets
3. Get a fancy coffee and a very unhealthy pastry, read my bible, paper and a good magazine in silence
4. Check my email, facebook and blog all in one sitting, while still sipping delicious fancy coffee
5. Exercise
6. Take my family out to lunch, just as long as I don't have to cook (brody will stay in the high chair the entire time!)
7. Take a nap...a long one (now actually being able to sleep is another story)
8. Have my kids actually take LONG naps....and wake up happy
9. Organize things in my house that have been put on hold
10. Play with my boys without worrying about creating huge messes or cleaning up...let the maid do that :)
11. Go to a movie with Lonnie and butter my own popcorn
12. Fancy dinner...for free of course :)

Now I know this is crazy talk...or more like a dream, but a girl can dream can't she? I just have to remember what is important, what can't go feeding the midgets and bathing.....and that I have no control. This holiday season I will try not to stress about my enormous to-do list, money or my hair....I still have a mullet!!! I suggest you do the same (you really don't have to stress about my hair unless you want to )

What would be on your list?


Melissa said...

Maybe I can help cross a couple things off this Saturday! Can't wait! :)

Kim said...

A breakfast of an eclair and cappuccino followed by a massage, bath, nap and the remainder of the day to be creative (while someone else cleans the house) while I eat take-out. In the evening I'd go out to eat with Philip and we'd hang out at the book store.