Monday, November 17, 2008

Nebulizers, albuterol and steroids...oh my

Here we go again....but this time I am prepared. We still have the nebulizer from the hospital and I'm never ever giving it back. Brody man started again with his coughing/wheezing because of a little cold and it went straight to his chest. They think it is viral induced asthma which is strange but at least we have a title now. He was put on a nebulizer treatment for asthma that he will take everyday until spring. He also got a shot of steroids to help with the breathing but now is like a rabid energizer bunny....15 minute nap...not cool, not cool. He had an ear infection too...poor little guy. I think he's on the mend, but one can never tell. Did I mention how much I hate winter and all of the stinky viruses that accompany it? Well, I do.

I got my Christmas decorations up though...I know, it's early....I'm not sure what possessed me. Brody has knocked over the tree, four times and broken two ornaments and the computer mouse all within five minutes of each other. The destroyer strikes again.

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