Saturday, November 1, 2008

Roid rage: ER part DOS

Let me give you a mental picture: think crazy rabid monkey that just downed a double shot espresso and found a banana. That my friends, would be Brody on steroids. We decided that one visit to the ER was not enough and went in for round number dos. He was coughing his poor little lungs out, pale as a sheet and labored breathing once again. Of course, once he got in the car, he fell asleep and as I'm panicking while driving, he wakes up just fine and dandy...right as we check into the ER...again. There was no room at the inn so we ended up the hallway...hello! 15 month old cranky tired baby in the hallway with doctors and nurses and crazy sick people all around....not fun. I did everything in my power from dancing with stickers on my face to pushing him around in an extra large wheelchair to entertain while we waited three hours. Got some nice steroids, more albuterol and was sent home with high hopes of not returning in the near future. I wish they would have given him the steroids at 3am this morning, I think ER part deux would not exist. We follow up with Dr. on Monday and he also gets his 15 month shots...poor guy, just can't win can he. I'm praying for sleep for all of us because when the mama isn't happy, ain't no one happy.

Funny Baylor story. We're at home eating and he looks at me and gets right up in face all serious. "mom, I really need a very beautiful pretty cracker...and these (pointing to graham crackers) are not pretty beautiful crackers." He was referring to the saltine crackers on the table. Son, if you think those are "pretty beautiful crackers" you go right ahead and down a few.

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Crazy Mom said...

I personally hate albuterol. Makes the boys turn into premenstrual teenage girls.

Not a fan.