Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Truthful Tuesday

Someone so graciously sent me another one of those "five things you hate to admit" and I gulped. Didn't I just do this? (yes) but of course, I can find five more things I hate to admit. I procrastinating doing housework, writing the Christmas newsletter and rearranging furniture to make the Christmas decorations fit to enlighten you. So in the spirit of TRUTHFUL TUESDAY, here goes....

1. Sometimes when I drop food on the floor, I pick it up and eat it...OR feed it to my children..is that bad? More like the 1 minutes rule rather than 5 seconds...and being the germ freak I am, this astounds me. I do hate to see food wasted though and my floors are relatively clean....relatively.

2. I have been purposefully convicted in my bible reading and prayer life. I need to find more desire to stay in the word and pray consistently. I also want to be seen by my kids....so they know it's something I'm proud of and enjoy doing. Fact is I just need to get my butt out of bed earlier than my kids...but I love sleep...LOVE SLEEP.

3. I pee in the shower. Oh C'mon...I KNOW YOU DO IT TOO!!!!! Don't' lie, don't be ashamed. What better place to do it...it gets washed down the drain and pee is sterile (for the most part, unless you drink it) Now that you are completely and utterly grossed out......

4. I hate sleeping with pants on. I feel smothered and despise the fact that when you turn one way and your pants stay the other way....ugh...torture. It's like a straight jacked for your legs. Legs deserved to be free.

5. Sometimes when my kids are throwing fits and whining....first of all, I want to join them and secondly,I blank out and have no idea what to do. Panic sets in and I stare at them like a deer in headlights.

6. I know it said five, but I'm being rebellious and adding one. I despise the word MOIST...even writing it makes me cringe. Can't you use another word to describe that cake? ewww, gross.


Kim said...

I'm pleading the 5th on the rest of them, but I totally understand the 'deer in the headlights' thing. I feel like that's where I'm living right now.

Sarah said...

Doh, I totally thought I'd get to see a pic of the artwork you did for Amy on your new blog....I'm waiting! :) The ones you did for me are AWESOME, by the way! Can't wait to send them in the mail...now if I can just find a box long enough.

Crazy Mom said...

My newest gross unfavorite word (I think it trumps MOIST) is Anus.


the Broffitts said...

#3 - I pee in the shower too but Dan thinks it's grose.

#4 - One of my biggest pet peeves is rolling over in bed and my jps staying still. That's why I don't wear much to bed.

#6 - even worse...moist towelette.

A&E said...

I do # 5 as well, every time chasen screams I just look at him like what do you want me to do......and sometimes we cry together lol

Anonymous said...

I can one up you - I POOP in the tub!