Thursday, November 6, 2008

A weekend alone

It almost scares me to say it because I might jinx it, but for the first time in over two years, I am traveling to a far off place, other than my parents house and the mailbox.....alone. I head out to Chicagoland for our US Open Brass Band Championships.....I know what you're thinking and we've been over this nerd stuff before. Let me say those words again A L O N E. I'm not as excited as I should be!! What's wrong? I will miss my babies and my husband whom I haven't seen for more than a few hours since Sunday. I guess when you don't leave the house very often and don't spend the night anywhere except your bed and Baylor's floor occasionally, it's a big shock to the system. I will be able to do things that the common man (or woman) might take advantage of. I've complied a short list of very exciting things that I will do without my wonderful children whom I love dearly.

1. Pee alone. HUGE deal when you always have someone staring at you, sitting on your lap or trying to stuff toilet paper in the toilet....when you're still on it. I will even be able to flush by myself. Holy cow.

2. Eat at a restaurant.....sitting down the whole time. You see, I do this little jig at meal times where I get up and down and get the milk and wipe up the spilled applesauce and get second helpings and strap Brody down etc etc etc. That is how I stay slim, no time to eat, must feed children, wipe faces and clean up dishes. I will stuff my face this weekend, sitting down of course.

3. Sleep all night without interruptions like crying, coughing or vomiting munchkins. Granted, my roomies in the hotel might snore so I won't keep my fingers crossed on this one. Odds are I'll be up at the crack of dawn anyways because my body is used to it now, but hey..they have a workout room.

4. Not worry about getting someone home for a nap. I'm always planning my schedules around sleeping. I know I'll still worry about naps, even if they are 365 miles away.

5. Read a book that does not have colorful pictures or is about trains, backhoes or monkeys...and I'll read it in my head and not out loud with funny voices...but now that I think about it, that might be fun.

6. Go through the day without peanut butter smeared on my butt (Brody hits me right there) or milk spilled down my front. Okay, I take that back. I'm a messy eater so no promises on that one either.

7. Shower first thing in the morning. I usually am busy getting boys fed and dressed and playing before I get to shower and it ends up being nap time before I can get to it.

8. Stay up later than 10. oooohhh I'm so rebellious!

We play at 7:00pm in Geneva, IL in a church and then Saturday at 11am in St.Charles. If you think about it, shoot up a prayer for Lonnie and the boys. I totally trust him, he's wonderful with them. Secretly in my head I am excited for Lonnie to see how I roll during the day and then what I really really want to hear when I get back is, "man, I don't know how you do it, you're amazing." He's already informed me that he's not doing any housework, just watching the boys...which isn't fair, but I'll give him props. I have my super anal mom list for him complete with schedules, fun activities and meal ideas and their clothes laid out for two days....did someone say obsessive compulsive? Naw. I'm sure he'll do great, it's just my job to worry.


Laura Omundson said...

WOW sister, you are going to have such a great time. Try not to think about home TOO did a lot of planning to make it go smoothly and there's nothing you can do about it now! I'll see you in about two weeks after I get back from California.

Janice said...

I know how you feel, I remember back when I was in the working outside the home world and I had to goto Chicago for 2 days, I was SOOO nervous and even cried off and on until I got to Illinois(I had to drive by myself) but onceI got there and all settled in, it was nice, until bedtime, then I was sad again. You'll have fun, sounds like a nice vacation.

Andrea G. said...

Have a great time mama! Enjoy every minute! They will be fine!

Anonymous said...

Fine...they aren't even in bed yet (it's 9:40pm).