Saturday, November 1, 2008

Who doesn't love the ER on Halloween?

Ummm, Me.

Let me start by saying it was by God's grace that I decided on a whim to have Baylor spend the night with grandma last night, otherwise I would have been toting two sleepy kids to the crazy ER in the middle of the night. Praise God and thank you mom!

So Lonnie is gone, and this of course means one of my children will fall ill. It was Brody this time with his buckets full of snot. He was doing great, we went trick or treating (photos coming soon) and went over the my old neighborhood and got to re-live some memories from my old neighbors! I think we were their only guests because they dumped half of their candy into Baylor's bag! (hooray for chocolate!) I kissed Baylor goodnight and noticed Mr. Snotface was starting to wheeze and cough a little...but thought it was because we have been running naked through the house.....wait, they...not WE, I kept my britches on thank you (although the thought did cross my mind) Soooooo I get home and am super excited to have a bed to myself and a tired baby....who seems to be coughing more and more. I lubed him up with vapo rub, plugged in the humidifiers and prayed for sleep. The coughing got worse and so did the wheezing and his poor little chest was doing the "please I need more air" move. So at 2am, and neither of us sleeping very well prior, I packed up and got in the car, praying for many things...1. No deer tonight God, have them do their mating dash across the highway somewhere else 2. For Brody of course, poor little dude was laboring 3. The ER.....on Halloween...I saw that episode and it wasn't pretty. We got there and it was quiet (thank you Lordy) I asked if they were busy and they said there were slower than normal....lots of nurses chatting and hanging around......BUT we still ended up waiting? Long story a nebulizer treatment but was still wheezy, did a RSV test (it was negative) and he finally stopped wheezing long enough to fall asleep on the exam table. Time: 5:30am Crazies: One lady yelling naughty words and screaming (yes, she's going to jail), one goblin at triage waiting for a dr...very freaky, one dude at the door grabbing his arm and moaning and crying and hobbling....I held the door and then made a mad dash, two cops and a partridge in a pear tree. Home by 5:45ish and crashed for an hour...then wailing for a half hour for some strange reason....gave him another nebulizer and he is finally sleeping again. Still coughing like a mad man, but breathing better. Why am I not sleeping you ask? Good question. I tried, believe me....two hours is NOT enough sleep for me. The coffee kicked in right about the time I wanted to rest so I opted for dishes, laundry, planning next week's meals and blogging.

Baylor is having a blast over and Grandma's house (I think I might just leave him there as long as humanly possible) So if you think about it, just pray that we can all sleep and Brody gets better soon!

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Andrea G. said...

I am praying for you friend! Was it your first ER visit? I am dreading the first time!