Saturday, December 13, 2008

Button, button who's got the button?

Ahhh, the photos.....

Alrighty then. Yesterday is was canola oil. Today is was buttons. Ironically enough, I found this Popsicle stick laying in the pile of buttons after I attempted to sweep them up.

The pile after the sweep. This is nothing.

Dangling from the table....trying his hardest to get those buttons! If he doesn't win gold in the Olympics for gymnastics, I'll be stunned.

ALL over the floor. Under the fridge, dishwasher and stove. They were in heaven. I however, was not.
Seriously. I do not suggest this activity for clean freaks or uptight know who you are. It almost sent me over the edge, but I sucked it up for their sake.


So we decided to make homemade Christmas ornaments and I busted out my jar of buttons (which was not a smart idea..what was I thinking?) and they decided that button tossing, throwing and rolling was clearly more fun than making ornaments. So I walked into the other room to grab something and came back to this.....(see above video)


I guess when you've been stuck in a house all week, there is nothing more exciting than making BUTTON ANGELS!!! Woo Hoo....and I guess when you are up from midnight to three in the morning, a little button fun wouldn't hurt anyone. ME TIRED. Oh, and the Christmas ornaments are really cute by the way.

Yea, so if you ever need some buttons....


Janice said...

Well, at least Baylor made a button angel.

Kim said...


Anonymous said...

If he's anything like Evie, you can keep a tally of how many buttons you find in Brody's poo.
My guess: 12

Nickie said...

Ahhhh, your blogs make me smile and bring back fond memories. Mother's of boys are blessed...eventually!