Monday, December 1, 2008

Disappearing fudge

So last night I was wishing someone would hide the butter pecan fudge that I made....from me...because I was the only one eating it!

Not anymore.

I will never be able to eat fudge again.

Chloe (the beagle) got into it while we were gone this the entire pan.

Now I am cleaning up massive...and I mean massive (who knew a dog's stomach was that big?!!) piles....yes, piles....of butter pecan dog puke.

Blech. Puke. Gross. Ewwwww.

Just thought you'd all like that mental picture for your Monday.


Kim said...

Sounds like a job for the shop vac.

Janice said...

Geesh, you coulda sent some of that our way, the pre semi digested fudge that is. Not envying you one bit on that.
We are minus one kitten, of course the kids favorite (yellow fluffy one) was the one to go first, had some tears here last night. We also may have a tker on the other fluffy boy, its a start!

Janice said...

Ewww Kim, I wouldnt want to be the one to clean the shop vac out after that. Gag

Jill Kapfer said...

I'm glad she's still alive, the could have been really bad.