Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Does this snowsuit make my butt look HUGE?

Before I subtitle these photos...I just want to address the fact that every time I turn around one of my children has removed an article of clothing...mainly pants. I just hope this fascination with streaking ends before collage. That is all.
Why yes, son...HUGE. Look at those birthing hips....
The 80's called....they want their snowsuit back.

We had to bribe him back inside

I think we're going to have trouble with this one....as in preppy college frat boy trouble. He couldn't keep the ladies away in the nursery on Sunday. That's the way he rolls.

I Love it when you call me BIG POPPA...(sorry, you have to see the movie to understand...)

We made "gingerbread" houses this morning out of graham crackers, frosting and m&m's (most of which were ingested rather than making on the houses.
Brody putting the finishing touches on his masterpiece.
We had our "first" real snow this weekend. Nothing major, just a few inches...but enough to release the anger within. I used to love winter and love snow....and after last winter of record proportions and ice so thick you needed an axe to remove....I despise winter. I still love watching the snowfall and especially running in the quiet snow, but this cold and ice and stuck inside and sicknesses...ahhhh makes me want to hide. I will try not to complain so much about the weather as a friend so lovingly reminded me (she was trying to not complain as much too!) but with two small children and no car most of the time...I can hear the nut house filling out my preregistration forms.
On a happy note, I have one more person on my Christmas list along with a few stocking stuffers and I'm done! Stockings are my favorite. We always got a toothbrush, chapstick, chocolate covered cherries for me and strange flavored candy canes for Kort and other random things. My dad would always go out at the last minute and buy us a family game and wrap it in butcher paper (he used to be a butcher) then sneak it under the tree. We always knew what gift was from Dad! My mom is notorious for hiding Christmas gifts and then finding them six months later. I am just like her though, we both can't wait to give people their gifts and always end up giving the gift early. I love watching the reaction after finding the perfect (or so we think) gift. I think maybe I'll stuff my own stocking with goodies this year...after I rob the bank down the street :)

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the Broffitts said...

I love stockings too. It's the place where you can get all the little stuff you need but somebody else buys it for you and stuffs your stocking. I'm working getting Dan to go out and buy me little "junk" for my stocking but it's not his favorite thing to do...and I don't want to stuff my own stocking. Good work on the Christmas shopping. You're further along than me although I'm making progress.