Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Drama 101: The Disappearance of Little Green Man

Meet little green man. He doesn't really have an official name, but as you can see he is very very tiny. That is our remote he's posing in front of. Let me give you the background on this frightfully small and somewhat scary looking thing. I got him back in high school from a friend and had kept him in my jewelry box (I don't wear any except my wedding ring because I'm allergic so I don't frequent the old cigar box....very often) for God knows what reason. I guess he was sentimental, but obviously old age and birthing children has permitted me from remembering the details....except it was a boy that gave him to me! Ohhhhhhh, juicy. So one would think that this miniature thing would not be an exciting toy for a kid because he's just so small, he doesn't make any noise and he obviously can't be used as a weapon.

WRONG. If you haven't met my son yet, he gets attached to strange objects (even vegetables such as squash and kitchen utensils such as whisks....don't ask, just smile and nod) and then he sleeps with them, doesn't let them out of his sight and clutches them in his grubby little hands until he falls asleep and they fall out of his hands...which then is another major drama waiting to unfold. Who can find the toy in the bed sheets first! It's a fun game we like to play. So I game this little green dude to Baylor and it was love at first sight. He dropped his other toys, trains, cars and rocks and clutched his beloved green monster thingy with a huge smile. The dude went everywhere with him....ate lunch with him, went to the bathroom with him and of course got to sleep with him. So as you can imagine, he is waaaaaaay attached to this little guy....and of course the inevitable happened.

GONE. HE'S GONE. (insert cries, wails and tantrum throwing here) So yesterday we spent the entire day pulling apart the entire house looking for a 1cm tall scary looking dude. It did however have it's positives. 1. I cleaned the couches off and took all the cushions off, vacuumed and febreezed the heck out of them. 2. Found 13 toys that had magically disappeared under the coaches (yes, COUCHES...THREE!!! Don't remind me!!) 3. Cleaned under each couch with the long sucky thing on the had been a while and I'm sure I sucked up an entire dog worth of hair...ewww gross. We searched in the beds, under the beds, in the toys box, in the bathtub....nothing. Despair was setting in and I was losing hope of ever finding this beloved toy ever again. So the day went on and Baylor went to bed still asking us to search for him while he slept. Sure thing.....I'll get right on that. Sorry..this is turning into a short novel isn't it. Okay, I'll finish soon, I promise!

So this morning I decide that I've been stuck in this house for far too long (since Sunday) and needed to get out and move around and have the boys run off some energy. So we bundled them up and tossed them in the car. Okay, we safely buckled them in...but tossed sounds much more exciting doesn't it? Baylor kept complaining of something in his boot and I just thought it was his sock seam (coming from a freak of sock seams...I have to have mine perfect or else) We get to Cornell, take off his boot and.....
BAM! Out falls little green man!!!!!
I know you're excited now.
Jubilation. Celebrations. Cries of joy. I kid you not, I think I saw a tear in Baylor's eye..of joy of course! So little green man has returned...for now.


Janice said...

That thing is tiny, kinda reminds me of The Incredible Hulk. I had to laugh about it being in his boot, just today I watched Gretchen drop something (on purpose) into Chris's boot. Off to balance the checkbook in quiet, didnt go out to the dinner @ AWANAS, noticed I have a slight fever and didnt want to spread the joy. Sigh, tis the season though isnt it? Just hoping it is not the onset of another infection, but that would be easier than the flu...there are meds for that, well not many in my case but still.

Lonnie said...

I think 3 couches sounds like the perfect number of couches to have in one's home.

Darryl said...

I agree.
We have 3 couches too Lonnie.
Stand your ground!!