Saturday, December 27, 2008

Fish food for dinner

Brody man continues to be our constant source of entertainment. He is still getting into everything, breaking most breakable objects, dumping whatever he can on the floor and then proceeding to do a little jig on top of his mess. Yesterday's antics were gross, but quite amusing. I had spilled the fish food all over the bathroom floor (secretly hiding it from Baylor but then knocking it over myself...nice) and wend downstairs to get the hand vac. I came back up to see a naked boy (just got done with his bath) laying sprawled out on the floor, licking the fish food up. I picked him up and proceeded to put him in the hallway so I could finish cleaning.....which resulted in an instant meltdown. He ran back in and flopped himself right back down on the floor and continued his licking...why do I even bother vacuuming when I have a baby Hoover of my own?

Numero Dos:

We're trying to teach Brody to say, "please" and "thank you" (among other things) and sometimes he just can't get the words out. I now believe what they say about the second child not talking until later. He speaks in his own language and makes up words. So I was offering him something....can't mind works like that you know....and I held it out and said, "say please" and what did I get?


Seriously. Did he just say penis? I looked at Lonnie...who was cracking that answered my question. "Brody, say please."


I'm not even quite sure where he learned how to say's not like we throw that word around a lot here. It think it may be a combination of please and pizza...but it came out so very very not like please or pizza at all. So be careful what you ask for. Instead of a nice and simple please or thank you, we are now getting a phallic organ in response to an offering. Kids say the darnedest things, eh?

We're getting an ice storm today. Lonnie and I are cleaning out closets, cabinets and toy boxes in hopes of making a huge donation to Goodwill on Tuesday (quarter Tuesday baby!) Since the boys got new toys, our rule is that a few older toys that are no longer played with must go. I love cleaning clutter! I can't stand clutter, it makes me short of breath....even though sometimes our house is overrun by it. The stuff must go!!! I got a sweet slow cooker from my mother-in-law and will be getting rid of my other one, so if anyone needs one, let me know, I'll send it your way!

On a quick note, my other blog, (which features my artwork and projects) will now be featuring the amazing artwork of some of my creative mommy artist friends. I'm so excited, they do wonderful things! So check back soon for an updated art blog...maybe you'll see something you like!!!


Chelsey said...

Keri, you must ask yourself a very difficult question, Why is it that Brody will eat fish food, then cry when you take it away and beg for more, and yet he wont eat supper?" Just sprinkle a dab of that wonderful fish food on you home made Turkey Pot Pie and you're in business! Just some food for thought.....FOOD, ha ha ha, I crack myself up!

Kim said...

Josiah started crying last week when I changed his diaper and when I asked him why he told me it was because his penis was small. My mom just looked at me and asked, "Did he just say what I thought he said?" I have no idea why he was concerned about this, but we're rethinking teaching him the real name for his anatomy.