Friday, December 5, 2008

Flashback Friday: Happy Birthday Grandma!!

She's a hottie isn't she? This is my grandmother M.E and she is turning 80!! I have been so blessed to have her in my life from the very beginning and she was even there for Baylor's birth. She has the spunk of a 20 year old and the legs of an 18 year old. I'm pretty sure she's had every joint in her body replaced but still gets up and walks two miles a day. She's retired (but not really) from a lifetime of racing horses on a farm in Illinois. She is also celebrating her 60th wedding anniversary to my Grandpa Allen aka Senor grumpy pants :) I used to go and spend weeks with her on the farm in the summer, learned how to drive a tractor (and crash it too) ride a horse, fall off a horse, get back on a horse, walk underneath a horse, shoe a horse, bale hay, shovel horse crap (a skill I think everyone should learn!) build spectacular tree forts near the creek, chase horses, shoot a gun, change a tractor tire, and the list goes on. I have so many fun memories and hope to have many more. She is one special lady and I love her to death! Happy Birthday Grandma!!

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