Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I am a mean mean mom....

...and here is why.

Now you see that cute little plastic 2 inch yellow monster finger puppet with purple arms? Yea, that one. Well, he strikes fear into the heart of Brody (I'm thinking of calling him Teddy if he keeps gaining any more weight....like the third chipmunk Theodore who eats everything) Notice how Brody has his own little language too. I'm sure he's really saying, "get that freaking monster away from me, you're scaring the poo out of me" We have yet to figure it out though. Now this video doesn't demonstrate my evilness...just wait.

Poor kid. He goes running and hides in the corner all because of that little monster. I do believe you hear me utter the words, "it's okay Brody, come here." Sure, it's okay...I just want to catch you on camera freaking out. Geeze, he can't even decide which couch to hide behind!

The evil is coming, trust me.

Not here so much....or here....but HERE

Notice how he gets further and further behind the couch...he knows what's coming....You'd think you could trust your mom?

"touch it, it's okay"

I think I heard these words uttered from my brother when he put a cigarette lighter up to my finger....

So sorry. I couldn't resist. Never fear, there was much loving and moster therapy after the traumatic touching of the monster. Hey, I'm only trying to help...we don't want to raise a weenie :)


NYC Girl said...

Trevor thought this was very funny, Alivia said poor Brody and I thought it was funny and mean at the same time. But hey sometimes its fun to tease your kids since he won't remember this :)

Janice said...

You have to let your kids face thier fears sometime huh? That was funny and I was listening to it w/ no sound, I'm wrapped in a blanket and was too comfy to get up and turn on the volume.

Crazy Mom said...

I do this at work and call it "occupational therapy" or "sensory integration therapy". You're a rockstar!!!

Janice said...

wow, just reread my post. How cool am I to be able to listen with no sound? Geesh!