Monday, December 29, 2008

I done got me some Vitamin D

So apparently women aren't getting enough these days...and judging by the pasty whiteness and translucent glow coming from my body, I'm not either. In fact, I'm not getting much of any vitamins unless they coffee has there's an idea...vitamin infused coffee...I'd be rich. So I went to the store and bought myself some calcium (osteoporosis runs in the fam along with many many joint replacements...gee, can't wait!) and some vitamin D. I hate taking vitamins. I always have. They are as big as horse pills and they always make me sick. I don't drink nearly enough milk, although I secretly put Brody's whole milk on my cereal...soooo much better. I tend to stray away from green things, unless it's a shirt that brings out the green in my eyes. It's not that I don't like them, they just aren't my first choice. Usually brown things kidding, that stuff will kill ya...and SYRUP!! (also just joking, insert random movie line) So point being, I decided that maybe I should start taking some vitamins and since winter in Iowa usually doesn't involve a lot of sunshine, a little D was my first choice. I guess secretly hoping that the D stood for the bra cup size it would give, that would hurt my back. Sorry...hello ADD. I have noticed a little difference in my "tude" as in attitude, but that could also be due to the fact that Lonnie was home last week AND he helped me so much around the house and I've gotten some alone time...heaven I tell you, heaven. I should take a women's multi vitamin, but I don't know half of the stuff that's in there and I've never been good at taking pills regularly. Now, I know ya'll really wanted to know about my experimentation with vitamins and such. You thought this post would be cute little photos of my punks or a funny story pertaining to the boys, but instead you got VITAMINS! Wooo doggies. Why the heck am I, typing in a southern sort of redneck way? No idea. Must be time for bed. Ya'll come back now Ya hear?

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