Friday, December 12, 2008

" I spilled the YELLOW JUICE!!!!"

Ummmm, we don't have any yellow juice. What on earth could this child who frantically came running upstairs be talking about. I only know of one thing that is yellow and it ain't juice!!! Where is your brother? Is he playing in the, "yellow juice"?

Baylor: "yes"


So Baylor leads me downstairs as I envision Brody swimming in this so called "yellow juice" (which he was) Now you're probably wondering what the, "yellow juice" is. Don't worry, it wasn't bodily fluid related (although the thought did cross my mind) The yellow juice was a brand new, just opened and very full bottle of canola oil...and yes, it was yellow....and yes, Brody was covered in it and thrilled at this new slime he was playing in. I however, was not. How on earth (I am very open to suggestions on how to remove oil from clothing and stuffed animals!!!) do you get this out!!! I've washed the clothes....ALL of our hot water, oxyclean, lots of detergent...and when I pull out the load to dry hand is still covered in oil. I'm very sad because he sloshed me in my favorite pair of Jeans....and since I only have two pairs that actually fit, it looks like we're down to sweats. It also got all over the boys nice jeans and Lovey (Brody's stuffed lamb that he has to sleep with or else) So here I am, asking for some laundering advice on how to remove butt loads of canola oil from clothing!!!! Help!!!

Happy Friday.


Philip said...

Okay, here you go. Leave it up to a guy to have to fix things. :-) Try soaking the clothes in some dawn dish soap or similar for about 15 minutes and then wash them. Dish soap was made to break up and wash out cooking oils. If this doesn't work... well don't shoot me.. I am a guy after all. :-)

Thanks for the story though. It made me laugh!

Janice said...

I second Philip on the dawn, original Dawn works good, I've gotten chapstick out with it before. Good Luck.

The Kac's said...

I third the Dawn detergent suggestion. You might also try (before the Dawn) sprinkling baby powder on it to absorb some of the oil first. I've also had good luck with Dryell (the home dry cleaning kit). Dryell might work on the stuffed animal too.

Andrea G. said...

From this from google...

Q. How do I get olive/canola oil out of denim jeans?

A. Grease and oil stains require a solvent cleaner. Blot stains with denatured alcohol, dry cleaning fluid, or your favorite household solvent cleaner. Test in an inconspicuous place first for ill effects on dye. Blot from the outside of the stain toward the middle to prevent spreading. Work in heavy-duty liquid laundry detergent and let set before tossing in the washer.

Kim said...

Who needs Heloise when you got friends with advice...but here she is anyway.
By the way, where are the pictures?