Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New year, new goals

Now New Years resolutions always puzzle me because the things people always put on their "lists" are thing they should be doing anyways year round. Like eating healthy, for example or exercising...hmmmmm, now there's an idea. I understand the whole concept of staring over in the new year and having a fresh slate, erasing all of the failed exercise or diet attempts. Funny how God gives us a clean slate EVERYDAY? The simple and purely humble act of asking for forgiveness just blows my mind. So I guess you can say everyday with Jesus is like New Year's day? Excellent. So I love lists, they make me feel organized and completed. I don't want to resolve anything, just have a few goals to keep me in check. To have something tangible to look at when I start to slide down the tubes....which happens a lot, mind you. So I put them in categories, and some of them might bore you, so grin and bear it. List away....

1. Less t.v, more games. It's not like I have the t.v on all the time, but I do use it when I need to get something done. Baylor loves watching movies but I think he needs to start playing games with me. I refuse to feel guilty over this subject, I'm doing a great job monitoring and turning it off, I just want to get him involved with more preschool games since he will be starting in the fall...gulp.
2. Family dinners. It by far is the hardest thing to accomplish because of two big factors. One being my kids eat so early (like 4:30 or 5) and Lonnie doesn't come home until....well, that's always a fun little game we like to play. Wait, did I say fun? Not so much. I LOVED the time we spent eating as a family (which was rare) when I was a kid. I want so badly to do this, but I will try to do it (even if Lonnie isn't home yet...he can always eat dessert with us!) No toys at the table either...Baylor insists on bring his arsenal of army men, dinosaurs and veggie tales at every meal!
3. Enough with the freak out anal planning, scheduling and germophobia. It's slowly taking over my life weather I like it or not. I'm a first born, a planner by nature and organization and cleanliness sometimes overtake me...that doesn't make me a bad person. I, in the words of Baylor, "just need to Relax." So I will try......even if it kills me.
4 Less yelling. I grew up in a family of yellers (sorry mom and dad, you know it's true) and I absolutely hate it. I find myself doing it more and more when I get frustrated and I know Baylor is picking it up and it just tears me up inside. I will take more deep breaths and pray before I open my mouth in anger.
5. I will teach Baylor his full address, phone number and how to write his name! I know he's only three, but he's brilliant. I will teach Brody how to talk.....using real words, instead of made up ones....even though they sound mighty funny.
6. More dates and game nights with Lonnie. I knew marrying a coach would come with a weird schedule, but it's even harder when you add kids to the mix. We are both busy and when we do find a spare minutes, we don't spend it together. We, by nature, are very independent people and that makes it even harder to find the time to do something together. We are still going to finish the book Love Dare, even if we're only on page three. The truth is that I need to put more effort into our marriage, it's not something that will get better with time without the hard work. No one said it would be easy either.

1. I will have more play dates over here for the sake of my kids, even if I'm totally freaked out over germs...and even if people don't want to come over here. It doesn't hurt to ask....and if they don't like dog hair, swords or cookies then I guess they can find somewhere else to go.
2. My goal last year was to do a sprint triathlon, but the whole swimming training posed a big problem because of the freaking cost of a pool pass and the whole biking thing...because I don't have a bike. I still want to do one, it just may take a while. I figure a road race is a good place to start or a half marathon. There is no way I will ever do a full one....never ever ever. Either way, I will be running a lot more.
3. Less sugar. Smaller booty. Toned abs. Goal weight. A girl can dream can't she?
4. Make more art. Sell more art. Take a trip...alone or with Lonnie.
5. Learn how to knit.
6. Learn how to play the Euphonium, Baritone or tenor horn....just for fun.
7. Take Baylor bouldering (rock climbing without ropes...don't worry, it's not that high off the ground) I used to climb all the time in college and high school and I miss it. I really think Baylor would love it and we have some great places to start around here.
8. Not care what people think. Really? Really. I don't care if they think I am a bad speller or if I don't discipline my kids the, "right" way or even if they think I smell funny. This is the way I am, like it or not. I think I'm pretty cool and by golly I'm doing the best I can.

1. Consistent quiet times or at least scripture for the day. Doesn't matter how long it is, it just needs to be everyday. Praying too!
2. Change my attitude....for the better.
3. Consistently plug God into everything in our lives, teaching my kids more scripture and bible stories. I do it, but not as often as I want to.
4 Trust that God is in control. He is, I know it, I just need to put it into practice.
5. Contentment. With our money, living and car situation. This comes and goes, but I need to be content where God has us right now.

Well, there you have it folks. Who knows if these, "things" will get accomplished, I should hope so. It gives me things to shoot for. I'm aiming high baby.

What are some of your New Year's Goals?

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Crazy Mom said...

You smell funny? I didn't notice in November....

Okay lady, listen up. Loosen up. Baylor DOES NOT need to know his full address phone number, or how to write his name. THAT IS WHAT SCHOOL IS FOR!!!! You pay good tax dollars is all I'm sayin'...(just trying to help out with the whole "relax and lighten the load thing). Take if from your local DT and online girlfriend that although he is brilliant, those things are not essential, he will get them. AND IT'S OKAY TO BE THE YELLING MOM!!! I don't know when I became she, but well, when the boys are being boys, yelling lady I am.

You should add in the faith section to forgive yourself more often. You are doing a great job, you have great kids, your marriage is fine and you WILL live happily ever after. Aside from faith in God, you need faith in yourself, and woman, I SOOO believe in you. You are amazing and admirable, and I don't know how you get the artwork done that you do, let alone wanting to make more. Though you are aiming high, and I am totally riding you on this comment, I have faith that you can accomplish all that you want to. Just go easy ON YOURSELF!!!!

AND...Just to egg you on a bit, You ARE doing the sprint tri w/ me in July. I will give you my old bike, although a mountain bike sucks to do the race with, it will be okay. I will personally make it a goal of mine to help you reach this goal of yours. This I promise you.

okay, rant over. happy new year!!! Stop being so hard on yourself and making these crazy lists. I for one think you're a total rockstar.