Monday, December 15, 2008

A sacrificial couch burning?

Yes, this sounds like a marvelous plan....a couch burning in order to make heat in this ice box house. C'mon, seriously (besides Darryl) who needs three couches? It's not like we have any rockin parties over here since bedtime falls around 7:30. We just got the first winter heating bill and I ran to the thermostat, turned it down to 61 and bundled each child up in layers. All I have to say is...this is going to be a long and painful winter if it stays this cold. Many prayers will be sent in an upward fashion and possible organ selling on the black market?

Well, the weekend was too fast. Lonnie was away for part of it so the boys and I chose to stay indoors (this is also where I spend most of the winter) I made a huge pot of chili and it will last for days, so dinner is covered! Nothing like a bowl of chili with crusty bread and cheese....mmmmmm. Nothing like winter in Iowa too...where you go to church without a coat (it was 50!) and walk out to wind chills and freezing rain. Did I mention how much I hate winter?

So I read this in my quiet time this morning and it was a great verse for me.
Take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. 2 cor. 10:5
I often find myself fighting off the "evil" thoughts during the day. Not necessarily mean horrible nasty ones, but simply thought of anger or thoughts of jealousy or even comparison. So every time I find that I am comparing myself to another mom or the girl with the amazing abs in the magazine, I will try to take that thought captive! Grrr take that. It's not as easy as it sounds!

Baylor and I have a Wall-E viewing date right now. Since he gives up most naps, it's been fun to spend some quality time with him while the destroyer sleeps. We'll be huddled under blankets on the couch if anyone comes a knockin.......

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Crazy Mom said...

Why are you comparing yourself to anyone??? You're as big as a toothpick and as talented as anyone I've ever met.

Don't burn your couches. If Lonnie goes away in January, come for a weekend stay here. I MUST have the heat on at 72 degrees, and I burn fires everyday (in the fireplace, no couches). Thanks to chronic anemia, I also sleep under an electric blanket, my comforter and a fleece blanket. I hate to be cold. Come visit and you can stay warm here!!!