Sunday, December 28, 2008

Stuffed: Part deux

So my mom got an elliptical machine for her Christmas gift and enlisted the help of handy Lonnie. They spend a total of 4 1/2 hours putting it together! So much for, "sure, it's easy to put together," says Mr.Sears man.

This is my parents dog Waldo. He's tiny, he's annoying, he yips, his ears resemble satellite dishes, but he's sure cute. He's so tiny that he gets cold and sits in the bathroom with his tiny little paws on the heating vent.

Cutting the my new very early birthday shirt (thanks mom!) Hello sugar coma. Man, I need some sun.

This thing jiggles and wiggles and sings, "Who let the dogs out" really loud...ironically it's Waldo's favorite toy.

Here is handsome himself. So proud of his new found gravy making skills. He made some on Christmas day that was amazing, so he is now officially our gravy making dude.

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