Sunday, December 28, 2008

Stuffed:Part One

All he got were some goldfish.....he's on a high carb diet...just kidding, don't worry...we feed him. TRUST ME ON THIS ONE.

TWO WORDS: MAN BOOBS (not me silly, the kid)

Baylor, the cake is supposed to go IN your mouth.

Lonnie and my mom, gravy making extraordinaries! Guess who gained a new holiday job....excuse me, Christmas job :) The gravy torch has officially been passed.

The pants are off. Sweats are on. I will not eat until next week. We had our Christmas feast at my mom and dad's today. More food than should be allowed. Pies, taters, gravy (YESS!) scalloped oysters, stuffin, meats, pickled herring (sooo good) and good coffee. I ate myself silly and since I fell off the healthy eating wagon waaaaay before Christmas, might as well stay off until New Year. More photos coming soon....from my crappy camera.

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