Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Three peas in a pod

...or more like two midgets in a bed that does not belong to them at THREE IN THE MORNING!!! So Brody was crying last night, and with all the recent flu outbreaks here, I always dread the worst (puke covered kiddo) so I went and got him to check to see if my nightmare had come true. He was fine.....and apparently so was Baylor who excitedly yelled, "MOM! I stayed in my bed" when I passed through. Now I have two very wide awake, but healthy (thank God) children at three in the morning. I took Brody to our bed because he screamed....not just a cry...a full out girlie I'm pissed at you scream, when I put him back in his crib. This is his new deal...screaming...I NO LIKE. Anyways, then Baylor comes bouncing in and insists that he needs to sleep with me (lonnie is on the couch at this point) because he has a stuffy nose. By all means child, a stuffy nose...poor thing. Long story took them two hours to fall asleep. That is why I have finished an entire pot of coffee in one hour. On the plus side, Baylor is still sleeping, which is a major miracle within itself (this is the longest he's ever slept in) so Brody and I are taking over the toys downstairs.

It's snowing again. Did I mention how much I hate winter?


Jill Kapfer said...

I'm right there with you...I HATE snow.

Crazy Mom said...

One time, long about 8 years ago, I made John Shepherds pie...right out of the Irish cookbook, since he's like, Irish and all. He wanted to know why I made him Prison food. I've never made it since.

But your recipe looks good to someone who likes comfort food and doesn't require hot sauce and bleu cheese on every bite I eat.