Monday, December 8, 2008

Time out please!

This is exactly how I feel today. *insert growling sound and a big ole BLECH* Can someone give me a timeout please? (this is Baylor's cute little tongue in case you were wondering) He calls the uvula the "sharpy thing" in his mouth. It's called a uvula right? Sounds icky.....never mind

...and maybe there would be a nice comfy bed and a glass of wine to accompany me to my time out? Or maybe a big chunk of dark chocolate and some strong coffee?
I'm in a funk today. I'm senorita grumpy pants. It's not hormonal or pregnancy linked ( I can assure you of this without divulging you in the visit of aunt Flow details!) It could be due to the fact that we're supposed to get a big ole snow storm tonight or the fact that I just realized that I can't handle my dogs anymore (love them dearly!) but can't handle the dog hair and constant eating of toys. Maybe it's because I was looking forward to some alone time and Baylor decided to share the love with me this afternoon. Oh oh, I's because we have THREE, count em' THREE couches in our house right our small house...and the big man put his foot down and said NO to getting rid of any of them! Makes it hard to breath, I feel claustrophobic walking through the living room!!! You know, this sulking and whining would work much better as a let's recap...things making me grumpy today:
1. Big snow coming
2. Dog hair
3. THREE couches in tiny house
4. Short naps(I however would like to interject how much I do love spending time with my children)
5. My white legs....okay, my white body
6. My pride (really, it's a long story and it involves band...I know, I know)
7. NO chocolate in the house...not even chocolate chips!! The tragedy!
8. No car, stuck in house, just call me Hermie (as in Hermit)
9. The fact that there are fingerprints on every surface in this house...some peanut butter and some are dog nose prints.
10. Did I mention dog hair?
I actually know what a lot of it has to do with, but I'm not going to tell you because you'll laugh. So there. I just need a swift kick in the hiney.
So that didn't help very much. Maybe a list of things to be happy about will work:
1. The mocha I just made myself with leftover morning coffee and hot cocoa!
2. How Baylor just told me how much he loves me!
3. Wonderpets (Jen I'm not sure if should thank you for this yet....the jury is still out)
4. I have bible study tonight with some stellar ladies
5. I'm actually a teeny weeny bit excited (think sledding) about this large amount of snow we're supposed to get....HEY! I said TEENY WEENY!!!
6. I got to take a hot bath today and read a magazine for 10 I guess I did get some alone time huh?
7. I sorted through toys this morning and Baylor helped me pick toys he doesn't play with to give to Children who don't have any! Now we have room for the buttload that I'm sure will accompany my children at Christmas time. I was thinking a large box would suffice.....
Maybe this photo will help. Nothing like a boy with a sword. Look at his focused face....argh, pirate Baylor....ready to hit the high seas....or his brother.
...or this photo of the "Christmas Sweater" It does conjure up a little giggle inside because I can only imagine what he'll say when I bust this photo out and show it to his future wife. Just wait until the naked butt shots come out....ooooh can't wait!
I FIGURED IT OUT! I'm totally stoked to show you the SWEET mp3 player (stage right) so you can check out my favorite tunes and listen while you read. Yippee!!! Check it out.


Janice said...

Man, a time out sounds great to me too! How about after all this stuff falling freezes, you skate on up to the end of your block and I will try and slide some chocolate chips down to you? Ugh, I would REALLY like to start some of the gifts I was wanting to make this year, they may be belated...maybe I can get some of it started tonight.

Kim said...

It's already begun...I tried to drive to town tonight and had to turn around. Our road is one sheet of ice.

the Broffitts said...

1. That "thing" is his courage.
2. You had hot cocoa...does that count as chocolate?
3. I'm glad you said something about the sweater because it did not go unnoticed.

Crazy Mom said...

"The Phone....the phone is winging!!! The Phone...We'll be wight thewe! Thewe's an animaw in twuble somewhewe!"

Maddie LOVES wonderpets. It's actually cute to see her into her own thing. I can send you more episodes...NO PROBLEMO!

And really, aside from the annoying speech impediments, wonderpets are kinda cute...

Jill Kapfer said...

As I was reading your first list, I was thinking, perhaps a list of thankfuls would help make you feel better. Have you seen the veggie tales with Madame Blueberry? A thankful heart is a happy heart.
Anyway, I can totally relate to your mood. I find myself feeling the exact same way so often and I hate it. I'm just grumpy and upset by a ton of small things that just keep adding up until I think I might just explode. I am working on having a better attitude. Thanks for your list of thankfuls, they helped me out a lot. Plus the photos, your kids are darling!