Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Year in Review

Happy almost New Year.

Here are my top 12 highlights (blog style) from this year:

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10. Oct http://baylorandbrody.blogspot.com/2008/10/friday-15photos.html

11. Nov http://baylorandbrody.blogspot.com/2008/11/truthful-tuesday.html

12. Dec http://baylorandbrody.blogspot.com/2008/12/lord-of-bean.html

There were too many silly stories and crazy antics to choose from, but here are my faves. I learned a lot by perusing through old blog posts. 1. I sure do whine a lot (mental note, do not whine as much in 2009, find other ways of expressing displeasure) 2. Last winter sucked 3. I always seem to be tired....go figure. I'm still thinking about the ever so popular new year's resolutions (which are waaaay overrated) More like goals, less like resolutions. Here is a quick stat update for those of you keeping score:

3 years and 5 months
35 lbs and skinny as a rail
Size: 4T and moving up to a size 9 shoe..there's still hope. (Can anyone inform me about booster seats vs. car seats, like when to switch and age/weight? His feet are hitting the back of the passenger seat....thinking it's time for a change, but safety first...sorry totally random)
Loves: Pirates, Wonder Pets, Cars, hitting, using anything and everything as a weapon, candy
Hates: going to bed, sharing his toys, being "squished" by dad, eating

17 months
26lbs and still a midget (all his 18 month pants are too long) Size: 18 month and size 5.5 shoe
Loves: stealing any toy that Baylor has in his hands, Lovey Lamb, eating, Buch-ho (back-hoes) and destroying all things
Hates: going to sleep, being still, the little plastic finger monsters, wearing a hat, sharing


Crazy Mom said...

Every car seat is different, by way of height and size requirements for boosters. Also different slightly are state laws, check w/ your local police dept. first. That being said, I have Nate in a Britax (pricey, but VERY high rated on the saftey scale) full body booster. I love it. I'd love it more if he'd buckle himslef in but he's too lazy.

I switched Jack to the backless booster early last year, at around 4 and1/2 because he is so tall (and skinny too). Most regular boosters (Ie: Graco) can 'turn into' a backless booster, making this option affordable and long term. Graco seats also have pretty decent reviews, if I remember right.

There are some 5 point harness boosters out there, but I'm not a fan because I like my kids to buckle themselves in. It makes the school runs a lot easier.

Look into it, he's probably okay for the booster. It's safer than his knees hitting the seat at any rate, because if you did get into an accident you could destroy his kneecaps, potentially.

The worst thing about boosters is that the base is seemingly wider than a reg. car seat. I cannot fit 3 of them in the back of my van (mostly because of the wheel wells), so you may be looking at whatever fits in your car. My friend has an old Camry and fits VERY tightly 2 boosters and a reg. 5 point harness booster.

One thing you really DON'T want to do is get a car seat at a garage sale or already used. You never know where it's really been (you're technically supposed to get a new car seat even for a very minor fender bender) AND we learned from our PD that they 'expire' after 5 years.

Hope that helps!

Janice said...

Call the Saturn dealership in Cr, they work with the carseat safety check groups, they could tell you when they are doing a safety check (sometimes they do them at Lunch as well), if there is something wrong with one of yours they will replace it, free of charge. They can also tell you about the seats with the best reviews as well. http://www.blankchildrens.org/body.cfm?id=262. Or you could by a minivan, that would give Baylor more leg room!

Crazy Mom said...

I don't know Janice, but I am LOVING her AND her idea of you getting a minivan.

Now, that is a plan!!!!