Sunday, January 25, 2009

Answering the call of motherhood on my birthday

Here I am in my Amote preschool photo. I'm 4 in the photo. Yesterday I turned 28. Ohhh baby.

Yesterday I also spent the entire night and day cleaning up vomit. Happy Birthday to me.

I just want to give a HUGE shout out to my mom, who first of all endured lots and lots of labor without any drugs, to produce my cute little self. Who also spent many birthdays cleaning up barf, taking care of fevers and chills and spent many sleepless nights to take care of her babies. You rock mom. Thanks for taking Brody yesterday while I took care of his big brother.

So to make a long and painful story shorter...we come home from setting up for the home track meet on Friday night, everyone is tired and cranky and the boys go off to bed at seven. Midnight rolls around and I hear coughing and sputtering and crying from the baby monitor and I fly out of bed knowing what to expect. Poor little Baylor laying in a pile of puke with more on the way, so I grabbed him and ran to the bathroom. Needless to say, the walls, bed, pillows, carpet, floor and Baylor are all covered. Did I mention that I DON'T DO PUKE? He was terrified and had a right to be, since this was only the second time he'd gotten sick, the first he was a baby and ended up in the hospital. Did I also mention WE STILL DON'T HAVE INSURANCE!!!! Well, it was a very very long night of sleeping on the bathroom floor holding a poor little boy who was throwing up every half an hour over a bucket. He is doing a little better this morning...even asked for a sprinkle donut, but we'll stick with clear liquids first. I felt so helpless and even though it sucked because it was on my birthday, I wouldn't be anywhere else but taking care of MY baby. Please keep us in your prayers as we still don't have insurance and if little Brody man gets this, it can't be good (and we really don't care to get it either) I have bleached every hard surface in the house in hopes of minimizing the chances of contact but we all did share a pop Friday Thanks for your birthday wishes too!


Brigitte & Ben Johnson said...

Oh, that sucks big time! Bella has had the nasty stomach bug twice! I managed not to get it the second time, so there is hope that you guys might be unscathed. Just keep pushing the liquids!

Sarah said...

What a cute little chica!

We're praying for you guys and hoping you're feeling better soon. Oh, I actually started blogging again....wonder how long it will last!