Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bald is Beautiful.

So I was cutting the boys' hair this morning...all was going well. First Brody because he loves getting his hair cut and then Lonnie because he also loves getting his hair cut. Then Baylor.


We had to bribe him, put ear plugs in and hold on to him for dear life while I cut. All was going well....Baylor was crying (not screaming) and then...he wiggled. I wasn't planning on shaving my baby's hair, but since he all had to come off.

Poor Baby. It will grow back...I hope.
So his bribe was to go on a date with me to McDonald's and get a happy meal.

I made him wear a hat the entire time!
You still look mighty cute though....even though you're bald.


Kim said...

I showed Josiah Baylor's new do and he's far more concerned that Baylor lost his clothes. See, no one will notice the hair cut if you just bring him to church naked! By the way, it looks fine and Baylor seems to like it.

Jill Kapfer said...

He looks like Abbie now! :) Actually, Abbie has more hair...finally, she has more hair than someone her age!