Sunday, January 11, 2009

Core Ab workout

First I wanted to include this nice photo of my abs.

Okay, okay maybe these are the abs I dream about. Anyways, as promised here are the core ab workouts I have been doing every other day. I'll try to give some explanation, feel free to ask me any questions. I'll start out by answering your first two questions. 1. No, those aren't my abs and 2. Nope, those aren't mine either, but I wish they were.

You'll do each number of reps in a circuit three times, or until you can't move from the pain and laughing is nearly impossible. These work your core (abs, back, glutes, obliques) rather than just your abs. Your core is very important for any form of exercise.

Glute Bridge. Hold for 30 seconds, with both feet on the ground and then march (seen above) each leg ten times.

Oblique or side plank. Hold for 30 seconds, each side. This dude needs to raise his hips higher, it just looks like he's posing for the camera and not doing abs.
Lying L's. You can use a small weight ball if you want. Keep your shoulders on the ground and rotate your legs in an "L" shape, right to left. (3x10)

Reverse crunch. Great for lower abs, your baby holding pooch or, "front butt" as one mother so lovingly put it. Keep your shoulders on the ground and roll your hips up, with your knees slightly bent towards your chin. (3x10)

Superman plank: Keep your body parallel to the floor and your hiney tucked in. If you stick it in the air or let it sag, you're cheating. This is great for your abs and more so for your back. Hold for 30 seconds.
Leg lifts: with or without ball. Squeeze a ball in between your ankles and lift legs straight up and down. Keep your shoulders on the ground. (3x15)

Hip thrust. While keeping your shoulders on the ground, lift your booty, hips and legs off the ground. Also another one for the lower abs. (3x15)

Regular crunch on ab ball. If you don't have an ab ball, I would highly recommend getting one. They are great for saving your back and you get more bang for your buck when you do abs. You can also use them for other exercises. They also make superb toys for young children and are great for stretching them out too! (3x15)

Bicycles. Alternate opposite elbow with opposite knee. (3x10)
Alternating supermans. Opposite leg with opposite arm. (3x15)
You can do one, two or three sets of these. Make sure you stretch afterwards (lay on tummy and pull your head towards the sky)
Have fun!


Kim said...

Ok, #1 Those abs are scary...she looks a little like an alien. #2 The dude doing the ball exercise looks like he's doing some strange gymnastic he floating?
I have no doubt that you'll have abs of steel if you keep this up...just hope you still want to hang out with us 'squishy' people.

Jill Kapfer said...

Okay, I totally need to do these (as I sit here munching on m&ms). My abs have never been super fabulous, but they are lacking greatly after the birth of Jonah. Geez...what kids will do to ya!

Janice said...

Those look very good, will have to figure out how to print that out. Goodness after 5 kids, and with how I carry, the abs (or large lack of) are scary. Plus with the c sections I have quite the abs split going on too, so the "traditional" ab workouts dont/wont work. Thanks for posting it, now to actually make myself find time to do it.

Andrea G. said...

I couldn't agree more with Kim. I Thought he was in the air and had no idea how to attempt that one! Do you really do each of those exercises everyday? How long does it take to get in the 3 reps of 15? I am impressed! My ab workout lasts about 2 min 3 times a week... but this helps give me some direction! Thanks! I need to figure out how to print the pictures too!

MamaMiller said...

I hate those side to side L's. HATE them. Good luck :)