Thursday, January 8, 2009

Daddy's new glasses

Yup, it's the twins...except this time Lonnie is sporting his new glasses. They're both so cute aren't they? Poor man, he's been without glasses since Baylor was about 18 months and went on a destroying spree. Hmmmm, kind of like his little brother. They are quite sharp looking and make him look even more distinguished. They also compliment his salt and pepper hair (which he hates, but I love) He needs to give himself more credit, he's a good looking dude.

Lonnie just woke up, he's not on drugs I promise. That is the "ugly" chair, next on my list of nastified (I made that word up) furniture that must go. Lonnie claims it's sooooo comfortable and it does have sentimental value seeing as it was in my brother's nursery when he was a mere babe. It's still ugly. Maybe I'll teach myself how to re-upholster and save it's life.

I begged him to grow the "burns" out again, I think they're sexy. Someday Brody, you too will will have some, "burns" like your daddeyo. Don't you like his glasses?
So one of Lonnie's athlete's compared him to Tim McGraw......I can see it, can you?

Okay, minus the chest hair sandwich...Nair anyone? Lonnie needs a cowboy hat too....
But Tim's going bald....poor Tim.
I prefer slightly graying track coaches thank you.

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