Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dance Machine

Now if this dancing machine doesn't make you smile, I don't know what will. I taught him those smooth yet somewhat spastic arm moves.

So Brody man has been sick with a respiratory virus that has moved into his chest....big surprise. Since he doesn't have insurance, I was almost positive (thanks Murphy's law) something or some illness was going to strike while they were un-insured....and it did. We have plenty of breathing treatments left for his nebulizer, so I have be frantically giving those to him, but he continued to wheeze and cough. His cough was starting to sound croup like so I began to panic last night. The doctor had given us some prednisone, a very strong steroid, to help with the cough. Unfortunately, Brody man decided that he would throw it up every time we tried to give it to him. I tried everything, honey, syrup, soda, orange juice, ice cream, you name it. We tried again that night, of course after dinner..duh! which was projectile vomited right on my mom. I will never eat a hot dog with mac and cheese again. He woke up this morning and was really wheezy and his chest was pulling (which means he was having difficulty breathing) after his breathing treatment he was a little better. I called the Dr. and tried to get him to switch the syrup to a pill, which was so nasty Lonnie wouldn't even try it so, I don't blame the little dude for puking it up. Long story short, we got the medicine in pill form so we could crush them up and try to disguise them in food. Finally, finally, finally, after chocolate, ice cream, chocolate covered cherries and cottage cheese, the winner was honey. The little man had more sugar in two hours then he's had in his entire life, but we got the medicine down! Hopefully we will see results. Baylor is coming down with his brothers cold gunk too, oh joy! Continued prayer on their health would be much appreciated! We still await the word from the insurance company. Word to wise, don't go without health insurance (if at all possible) if you have germ magnet children!!

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Jill Kapfer said...

Oh Keri, I'm sorry. Puking kids are no fun; especially puking kids who can't breathe. Mine both have it again too...I just broke out the nebulizer machine again. Seriously, when will it end?