Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday 15

Back by popular demand, or actually the fact that I have nothing exciting to tell you, is the Friday 15. Fifteen random and marvelous facts about this crazy life I live. Happy Friday.

1. I have been frantically searching for chocolate all over the house today. The dog got into the brownies I made (they were fantastic, by the way.....and she's not dead, gut of steel apparently) and three boys that currently reside in the house ate the last of the double stuff Oreos last night. A new magazine came in the mail and it had this great chocolate dessert on the front, I was tempted to lick the cover. I restrained myself.

2. I got commissioned to do another window (see blog: just like "Au Pear" from an old friend from high school who saw it on the blog. I'm so excited! I think I might be on to something here...God is good!

3. I watched the Florida vs. Oklahoma game last night...sitting in a hot tub. It's nice to have friends.

4. I steam cleaned the couch this morning (Lonnie's bachelor couch) and was totally and completely disgusted at the color water that came out. Think chocolate milk. To think we sit and sleep on that thing.....blech.

5. My dogs nails are so long that they click and are snagging the carpet but they turn into wild beasts if you come near them with the nail clippers. I'm thinking there has to be some dog sedative out there...

6. I just bought a new pair of Adidas drifit running pants, new Nike running shirt, three pairs of Gap jeans and a wool Gap jacket....all for $ Goodwill. I love that store!!

7. I'm turning 28 on the 24th. I love birthdays. I don't care that I'm getting older, except for the fact that I despise wrinkles. I am also a facial product junkie.

8. My children stayed in their p.j's until.....well, they are still in them as we speak. Hey, why not? It makes laundry less stressful and they are more comfortable to take their naps in, eh? You don't have to twist my arm to stay in mine either.

9. I want to drink more red wine, but I hate red wine. I need a red wine that is sweet. So wine snob (you know who you are) help me?

10. I love being a mom. It's the most amazing job in the world. I love my children so much and even though I want to put them on eBay occasionally, they are perfect. They make sleepless nights worth it....sometimes.

11. I'm working hard on my core. Plain ole sit ups just don't do anything for runners, so I am starting an intense core training program in high hopes of regaining some of my abs's actually working. I can only do them every other day because my abs hurt so much the next day! If you want the workout, I'd gladly give it to're just not allowed to get more defined abs than me.

12. I thought my husband would like yesterday's post about being compare to Tim McGraw. He didn't. He's shy like that.

13. When I was little I used to think it was called Pizza Hot. Why not? It's hot pizza isn't it?

14. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people drive slow in the passing lane....AND STAY THERE!!! I hate passing on the right and possibly illegal? Maybe they're from Europe and are having with drawl from their highway system...who knows, just get over people!

15. I secretly check out peoples eye brows. Not in a freaky stalker kind of way, I just like to see how different faces look with different eye brows. Some have nice full brows, others have over plucked brows and some have the perfect brow (which is an art form) I'm weird aren't I?


Kim said...

Hey, congrats on the window...very encouraging for other wanna-be artists (not that you're a wanna-be artist...that would be me!). By the way, you can give your dog a Benadryl stuck in a hot dog and it will calm them down a bit. We used to have to do that with a few dogs.

Janice said...

Ok the Tim McGraw thing, the chest hair comment made me want to gag, ick, hairy guys... shudder. Ok, so next time I see you and I talk to you with my hand over my brows, dont be offended, I think mine are out of control, but too chicken to have a "professional" do something about them. I am going to have to check out that store in MV, sounds like fun to browse.

Dawn said...

Ok, a comment on the facial products, we were at WalMart the other day and Mackenzie saw a older woman, maybe 70, looking at anti aging cremes - is there a certain time you just give up?

Oh, and I will take that ab workout, trust me, after 8 children, I doubt I can give you a run for your money on abs.

God's Girl said...

Fun post. Thanks for sharing! I too love being a mom! It is one of the sweetest gifts from God!

astroud said...

I agree with Kim's Benadryl idea for the dogs. Our friends do that to calm it down before a long car ride.