Monday, January 5, 2009

Make mine a double

It's been one of those days.

I've come to the realization that even though my bald beauty may be cute, he has become quite the manipulator. His ways have become crafty, cunning and sly, but I'm smarter. He still throws fits and tantrums and gives me grief for most everything. Now, Baylor is a good boy, he's a wonderful boy...he's just a hard headed, stubborned, and a strong willed first born...just like his mama. Bed times are a battle and now most of the day has been a battle too. From the moment he woke up, all he did was whine to watch Blues Clues and I refused to give in. REFUSED. I knew it was going to get ugly (and it did) but he does not need that idiot box on at all waking hours! Power struggle doesn't even begin to cover what we went through this morning. He then decided that random acts of violence against his brother were a great way to make mom's head explode. Good thing I was wearing a pirate hat because the explosion was nearing (we did have some happy pirate playing time, hence the pirate hat) and I believe that's rule #245 in the Mom Manual..."Thou shall not have ones head explodeth while wearing a pirate hat....argh"
I know the number one reason is because he is not getting enough sleep. He should be at least getting a full 12 hours of sleep and he barely gets 9. He still needs a nap, his body and brain and my soul need him to take a nap...but his strong will always gets the better of him and he will sit in bed for three hours until one of us gives in. He's up there, exhausted, cranky and hitting the wall with his feet, as I sit down here growing more angry!
I'm not blaming all of his behavior on lack of sleep, just some of it. The rest of his tantrum throwing behavior has to do with his age and the fact that he wants his way...or else. We give warnings, then a time out and a spanking and room time. If the crime is spankin worthy, that happens first. We try to explain why he's getting a spanking first and then we try to tell him what he can do to fix the behavior...for example, "Baylor, you can ask nicely for the toy instead of whacking your brother over the head with a toilet brush." I'm really trying to back it up with scripture, but that is going to take more time and effort.
I know there will be better days, but today I feel like all of my efforts have gone down the drain. I just filled out his preschool form and sent it in wondering if they'll send him home on the first day because they didn't watch Blues Clues and he had a meltdown.......that or he went ape on a kid with a toilet brush. My money is on the meltdown.


Paula Townsend said...

You are probably thinking who is this crazy woman reading my blog. Crazy I am not but mother of Brett Townsend I am. I have started reading your blog through his and it is my daily piece of laughter, tears, memories, everything all wrapped up into one! I enjoy so much each and every entry you make. You are saying all of the things that I was thinking way back when I was a stay home mom raising not only Brett but his sister and brother as well. You pretty much are giving a daily look into my life of past. I love it and hope you don't mind this almost grandma (can't wait for the big day) of Spencer Townsend. As you have already experienced every day is filled with blessings, hair pulling, and memories to be made. Hang in there.

Keri Speidel said...

Hey Paula! I remember you! Do you remember when I stayed at your house and took care of Brett while he has his wisdom teeth out? Fun times! I'm glad you like the blog, read it anytime! Congrats on being a grandma soon!

Paula Townsend said...

Oh yeah I do remember that! What a wonderful friend you were to do that for him. Of course you got to see beautiful Colorado during that visit as well. Keep up the great posts, you certainly keep me laughing!