Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday's Musings

Here are some random thoughts for the day, because my brain is mush because of all of the bleach fumes....

1. Have you ever wondered if the security code words you have to type in to leave a comment on someones blog are actually words? Some of them are mighty amusing.

2. Why is it, that when you take 12 hours cleaning the house your children take 1.2 seconds messing it up.

3. Does it really annoy anyone else when people start typing using text shorthand? No wonder our kids can't spell....does it really take that much longer to type, "you are" rather than U R? Maybe I'm just getting old.

4. I was really excited to take a hot bath last night...until the vision of floating poo entered my mind from the previous 15 minutes of Baylor's bath. Ewww. No bath for me.

5. Don't you wish jelly beans had as much nutritional value as real beans?

6. I have always wondered the complexity of the toddler mind and wonder what goes through his head when he throws toys in the toilet and sticks pencils up his nose?

7. I drank too much coffee this morning to take a nap, but without it I can't function in the morning. The sacrifices we make. I'm not the napping type anyways.

8. I am very thankful for my friends who brought me little gifts for my birthday and brightened my puke filled weekend.

9. One of the highlights of my day is the five seconds it takes to walk to the mailbox (usually in my p.j's) to retrieve the mail. Even if there are bills, sometimes I get a new magazine...and that is like Christmas!

10. Another highlight of my day is when my kids are sleeping and everything is clean and put away and I'm just curled up in bed watching mindless t.v.

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NYC Girl said...

this too shall past. before you know it Baylor will be turning 13 and you will wonder where the time has gone and how your little boy could be becoming a man and soon.
Although I don't miss the sickness of little kids, or getting up in the night, or being tired all the time, I sometimes wish for my 12 yr old to be 4 yrs old again. Life was easier and he was not effected so much by the world around him as what he is now.
I'm glad you had an OK birthday and let me know when I can take the boys next week :)